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July 2, 2022

Art Film, Ecology and Tourism Festival in Bucharest between September 26 and September 28

Folklore is celebrated at Imbold Nativ, the first fancy art festival inspired by Romanian folklore, held between September 20 and September 22.

The Imbold Cultural Association has big plans to bring together artists who take inspiration from Romanian folklore and authentic traditions. Thus, for three days, between September 20 and September 22, those who are interested can spend the Folk Holiday at Imbold Nativ, the first fancy art festival inspired by Romanian folklore.
Imbold Nativ starts Friday, September 20, at 8 p.m. at Palatul Stirbei with the varnishing day of the exhibition “Spirit pe plai” (Regional Spirit) curated by Cristian Vasile (IGU), a reunion of artistic forms by artists Sorin Onisor, Bogdan Comanescu, Dragos Malaescu, Dan Dinu, Catalin Georgescu, Catalin Opritescu, Mihai Stetcu, Luiza Boldeanu, Daniel Vrabioiu, Ioan Balasanu, George Popescu and Andreea Sasaran, that captures the native essence in a remarkable Romanian art collection.
Designers Caiverzipepereti, Una ca Luna, Iutta, Woodbenice, Woodyo, Ziurel, Dizainar, Mihaela Ivana, Ciprian Vrabie, Culture-Soup, Lanaa, Getic (launch) will each present a preview of their own collections for Imbold Nativ.
Around 8.30 p.m., David Sandu will hold a contemporary jewelry workshop with traditional Romanian motifs while Dala Foundation will give us a glimpse of Historia X with the help of an audio and video installation. The first day of the festival will also entail tasting Vincon wine and dancing and singing with Maria Raducanu, who will be performing refined Romanian music.
On Staurday, September 21, 2 p.m., Imbold Nativ arrives in Acurarela, where generous guests with a knack for refined liquor will taste wines and unfermented wines of all sorts. At the Acuarela pit stop of the Imbold festival, designers will present unique collections starting at 2 p.m. and Romanian cuisine will gather everyone in the courtyard around a campfire. A contemporary folk mix consisting of Karpov not Kasparov and Corul Sound, directed by Voicu Popescu, will mesmerize guests as the sun sets.
Like all fairy tales that end well on the third day, on Sunday, September 22, 2 p.m. the great gathering of Imbold guests will take place in Acuarela Garden. There will be merry dancing at the Unfermented Wine Celebration to the music of extraordinary musicians and eating of delicious food.
The Imbold Nativ Festival ends in Club Colectiv on Sunday, 10 p.m. with a musical debate/concert and preview of the new Subcarpati album, while Matze, Danaga, Argatu’ and K-lu entertain guests with Romanian songs, taking the lead from MC Bean.

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