Over 150 healthcare employees protested at the Ministry of Health

Protests will continue today and tomorrow at the Ministry of Health, and next week, the actions will take place for four days at the Ministry of Finance.

Over 150 healthcare employees protested yesterday for two hours in front of the Ministry of Health, demanding the allocation of a minimum of six percent out of GDP for Health, higher wages and the professional independence of those working in the area to be guaranteed by law. The protesters displayed banners reading “We want respect”, “We’ve had enough of hauling our cross all alone”, “We ask you to pay double the resident doctors”, “OBBCSSR requires 6 pct of the GDP for Health”.
The protesters – doctors, dentists and nurses – had also banners from the unions and from the professional organizations to which they are affiliated, including the Federal Chamber of Physicians in Romania and Sanitas Federation.
They require a minimum of 6 percent ??of the GDP for Health, a legislation which to guarantee the professional independence of those working in the public and private system, a law on the payment specific to the health system. They also ask the authorities to give up on denigrating the professionals, the organization of medical units with beds in the public system in order to provide prompt and quality services to patients, as well as real consultation of the Health Professionals’s Coalition regarding any measure which could affect the functioning of the health system.
The President of the College of Physicians in Romania (CMR), Vasile Astarastoae, said that they have not yet been called to talks by the representatives of the Ministry of Health, and that the minister Eugen Nicolaescu left for the government meeting.
Astarastoae said they will continue to go out into the streets and they will maintain the protests’ timing onto the general strike if no action is taken.
Also, the president of Sanitas Federation, Leonard Barascu, said that he expected that, together with Minister Eugen Nicolaescu, which presented their claims to the Government, to get into position to get 6 percent of the GDP for the health system, to have money for the wages and for the hospitals.
He also said that he supports the increase of wages by 300 percent for the resident doctors, but with the condition that the rest of the staff  working in healthcare to not be forgotten.
Asked up to where the employees are willing to go with the protests, the Sanitas presdient answered: “Until the end, meaning general strike, the resignation of the doctors and of the nurses, and as for duration, as long as we have the promise that together we can work something out”.
Barascu sent a message to the patients that they have to keep in mind the fact that the doctors went to the streets 90 percent for them, because more money for the medical staff means better service for them and for the hospitals.
The employees from the health system began picketing yesterday for two hours the Ministry of Health. The protests will continue today and tomorrow at the Ministry of Health, and next week, the actions will take place for four days, at the Ministry of Finance.
According to the schedule of protests announced by the Professionals’ Coalition from the Health system, the protests will be held until September 27th, in October will take place a protest at the Government, and in November a general strike will be triggered if by then the government will not respond to the doctors’ requests.

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