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September 24, 2021

Child killed by stray dogs: Witness heard at prosecutor’s office

The witness stated that he found Ionut’s brother on the street and took him to Tei Park where, after talking with his grandmother, he found out that there was another child missing.

Octavian Sandu, the man that took the brother of Ionut Anghel to his grandmother in Tei Park showed up yesterday morning at the Supreme Court’s prosecutor’s office in order to be heard. The man is seen on CCTV footage recorded in Tei Park on September 2, while he was taking Ionut’s brother to a security agent in order to find out where his grandmother was.
When leaving the prosecutor’s office the witness stated that he found Ionut’s brother on the street and took him to Tei Park, where, after talking to his grandmother, he found out that there was another child missing. Octavian Sandu’s lawyer told the journalists that a week ago he showed up at a police precinct where he notified the police that he is the one whom the press dubbed “the key witness” in the case of the child killed by stray dogs, pointing out that he was subpoenaed on Saturday, September 21.
The CCTV footage recorded on September 2 in Tei Park, hours before Ionut Anghel was found dead, was broadcast on Thursday. Ionut Anghel and his six-year-old brother are seen playing and running on an alley in the park, their grandmother not being seen in the images. At one point Ionut’s brother is brought to the park by a man who is holding his hand. The man walks up with the child to a security agent and after several seconds the three head to the place where the two children’s grandmother would have been. After several minutes the man is seen leaving the park. Ionut was found dead around 11.30 AM, killed by dogs on a private property near Tei Park.
After the CCTV images were leaked to the press the prosecutor handling the case ordered the confiscation of the CCTV tapes. Attorney General Tiberiu Nitu stated on Thursday that the prosecutor handling the case has ordered the confiscation of the CCTV tapes in order for the images to be analyzed. Ionut’s father was heard at the prosecutor’s office on Thursday. On his way out he stated that the prosecutors did not show him the CCTV images, his statement being confirmed by his lawyer.
Ionut Anghel (4) died on September 2 after he was attacked by stray dogs on a plot of land near Tei Park. His six-year-old brother was bitten but managed to run away and notify his grandmother. The tragedy was followed by a whole media campaign against stray dogs and a law concerning the euthanizing of stray dogs was also passed.
Yesterday a 14-year-old boy was hospitalized in Craiova after he was bitten by a stray dog near the Vointa sports center where he was jogging along with several other children from a boxing club. Dogcatchers went to the area and captured the dog after approximately 15 minutes.
ASPA sues the Supreme Court for image damages
The representative of the Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals (ASPA), Razvan Bancescu, announced yesterday that he intends to sue the prosecutors in the case of death of Ionut Anghel for serious image damages caused to ASPA as well as to the City Hall of Bucharest. Bancescu explained that, from his point of view, ASPA is not related in any way with the death of Ionut, as the tragedy happened on a private land.
On the other hand, the president of the “Cutu Cutu” Association, Marcela Pisla, said yesterday that she left at the Supreme Court a criminal complaint on the name of the chief of ASPA whom she considers guilty of the death of Ionut Anghel.

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