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October 22, 2021

An increasing number of Greek investors come to Romania

The Government in Athens plans to improve the economic relations with Bucharest, the Ambassador of Greece to Bucharest, Grigorios Vassiloconstandakis, told Agerpres in an interview. The diplomat said that Romania and Greece are typical examples of countries that, despite of the fact that they are members of the European Union, pursue intense bilateral contacts, also reminding of the joint Economic Commission in October, in Bucharest, which will examine a huge area of potential economic relations. ‘Indeed, if you allow me, I say that the economic relations between Romania and Greece are improving continuously. And, despite the crisis in Greece, Greek investors still come here and open their businesses in a safe and stable environment, being happy with their investments. I can say that, even during the crisis, over a thousand new Greek companies have invested in Romania. I think this is a strong indicator of the good economic relations between the two countries,’ Grigorios Vassiloconstandakis added. One of the areas for which Greece remains close to Romanians’ heart is represented by the cultural events, the cultural heritage, the Greek Ambassador Greek recalled.

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