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October 6, 2022

Antonescu admits he needs PSD

The PNL President, Crin Antonescu, said he had never had any fight with Victor Ponta and admitted that he needs PDS to win the presidential race. “I need PDS and this is the promise we have made in front of the Romanians. I need PSD and I think PSD needs me too, until the presidential elections. (…) For God’s sake, we are not on vacation until December 2014. We need PSD and PSD needs us to fulfill a governing program”, the PNL president said Tuesday evening on RomaniaTV. “What I said last week was that, if we have a common project, I would do my best to keep USL alive”, Antonescu added. The General Secretary of PNL, Eduard Hellvig said on Saturday, that the target of PNL for the European Parliament elections next year is to get 25% nationwide and, if they succeed, Crin Antonescu will be president even if he has a rival inside USL.
The Liberal leader supports the amnesty law for the mayors in an interest conflict
The PNL President also said on RTV that he is for an amnesty law for the local officials whom ANI considers in a “public-public” type conflict of interest and, if not compatible, he wants an appeal of the Ministry of Justice in respect of the law. In response, the former Prime Minister, Emil Boc said yesterday that Antonescu’s proposal regarding the amnesty for the incompatible mayors “is not good” and he said that this “game of justice” is not healthy for a EU member. Prime Minister Ponta said during summer that he will be waiting for the decisions of the courts regarding the incompatibility ANI complained about in connection with several mayors and local councilors and only after that the Government would discuss with ANI and the Parliament to find a solution for this situation.
According to the Prime Vice President of the Commune Association almost 1,200 mayors are in such an incompatibility situation, because of their presence in the top management of commercial companies under their supervision, saying that 80% of those are from USL.

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