Bucharest ranks 11th in honesty top

A hidden camera experiment in 16 cities on 4 continents reveals that Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is inhabited by some of the most honest people. According to the test conducted by Reader’s Digest, which involved 192 “lost” wallets, Bucharest is positioned on the 11th place in honesty top, while the last position, the sixteenth, is occupied by the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Reader’s Digest reporters scattered 192 wallets in some cities from Europe, North and South America and Asia. Each wallet contained a fictive ID and a telephone number, a family photo, shopping vouchers and an amount of money in local currency equivalent to 50 USD. From the 192 “lost” wallets, 90 were returned – namely 47 per cent. According to the test results, the age is not a factor that determines whether a person is honest or not, the sex of the people was not determinant for a certain type of behavior either. Also, another conclusion of the test is that the level of wealth offers no guarantee of honesty.

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