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March 23, 2023

Stray dogs’ law is tough law, protecting humans

Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Valeriu Zgonea says the stray dogs’ law is much more advantageous for the animal lovers, but at the same time it is a tough act, protecting humans.
“One cannot always satisfy everybody when one promulgates a law text, there are people who will be dissatisfied with the form of the law and always consider it can be improved. The important thing, for me, is that the Parliament of Romania – the Chamber of Deputies – kept its promise and promulgated it as scheduled, that this text is constitutional and we do not place the procedure of euthanasia on the first place, as the former governments did, but to the euthanasia of the stray dogs is the last solution that we have. This project is much more advantageous for all those who love the animals, but at the same time it is a tough law, that protects the human being and gives the local administration powers for it to be able to take the necessary measures if, within reasonable time, a citizen or an NGO fail to adopt a dog, free of charge,” Zgonea said at the Palace of Parliament on Thursday.
He added his wish is that all the children and elderly should be able to peacefully walk in the streets of the big cities, without fearing they would be bitten by dogs, while on the other hand he pointed out the law is very good, from the viewpoint of the animal protection, for the stray dogs.
“I think the persons who want to adopt dogs have sufficient days and instruments to do it. The wealthier city halls will be able to keep them for months with no problem, the poorer ones will keep them by the 21-days deadline. Those protesting in the street may rest assured from now on by the local administrations, if they enforce this project. If not, if they address the matter with indifference in some areas and fail to allot resources to build the sanctuaries, they will not stimulate the NGOs to support them and the protests will continue,” the speaker stressed.

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