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December 4, 2022

Romanian politicians react to attacks from France on Schengen accession

This subject must be treated in a serious manner, said the PM. President Basescu’s message for the French politicians: “Everything has a limit!” MAE also reacted to the recent allegations on the topic. The French support Valls’ position regarding the Roma ethnics.
The recent statements regarding Romania’s accession to the Schengen area heat up the spirits in Bucharest.
Thus, after making on Thursday a series of statements on this topic, on the one related to the Roma ethnics in France and on the recent statements of the French Interior Minister Manuel Valls and of the French President Francois Hollande, Prime Minister Victor Ponta came back with new specifications on the subject. Present at the inauguration of a section of Rombat Bistrita, Ponta said on Saturday that the foreign politicians, “some of them same demagogues and hypocrites as those in Romania”, should be explained that Romania’s accession to Schengen means easier access of the goods.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta inaugurated in Bistrita a new section of the automotive battery manufacturer Rombat, saying it is important for Romania to develop itself economically, because “those that the politicians in Europe are fighting over, the Roma ethnics, they are there with or without Schengen”.
The prime minister also said that he does not care what the PDL Cluj leader Daniel Buda says, adding: “We should treat the Schengen subject in a serious manner, not as some fools”. Previously on Saturday, PDL Cluj leader, Daniel Buda, asked the “immediate” resignation of Victor Ponta and his Government because of their “inability to manage consistently and correctly” the country’s interests regarding the Schengen accession, provided that France, where the socialists hold the power, said “no” to Romania.
Comments regarding Romania’s accession to Schengen came also from Liberal MEP Renate Weber. She believes that France is “like a dislocated doll” in the Schengen file and also that the reaction that the Romanian officials had so far was “very shy”, as if they have been caught off guard.
“I had the impression, which may even be true, that they have been caught on the wrong foot, they did not expect it, they were convinced that France will support Romania and now everything that happened caught them offguard, but this could have happened when ??the Interior Minister Manuel Valls made the statement, but from that moment until the Government’s spokesperson talked have passed several days. I believe that during this time they should have brooded, they should have find out exactly what was going on in the government from Paris,” said Weber at RFI.
Reactions came also from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) who stated in a press release that they are in permanent contact with the French partners on the Schengen topic, and expressed the expectation that France will act both in the spirit of a substantial bilateral relation, as well as in the context of the recognition of completion of the assessment process and meeting all membership criteria.
“On the other hand, we can not agree with such assessment made in general that induces the idea of delinquency in case of all the Romanian citizens, regardless of their ethnicity. Contrary to those arising in the French media, we are stressing that the social inclusion of Roma ethnics is not related to Romania’s accession to the Schengen space. It deems to us as preferable to avoid addressing these issues in the electoral context. Finally, we recall that all the European citizens enjoy the right to free movement in the EU space, regardless of the state they are coming from, part of the Schengen space,” MAE also highlighted. “Successful completion by Romania (and Bulgaria) of the Schengen evaluation process was also confirmed by the vote of the European Parliament in June 2011,” MAE also pointed out.
The subject generates disputes in France
Valls’s recent statements have generated negative reactions in France, not only messages of support such as the one from president Hollande. Thus, the French Minister of Housing, Cecile Duflot, on Thursday accused her colleague, the Interior Minister Manuel Valls, that he “jeopardizes” the values ??of the French Republic through his statements against the Roma ethnics, demanding the urgent intervention of the Socialist president Francois Hollande, according to AFP quoted by Mediafax.
Also, according to a survey published on Saturday by Le Parisien in the newspaper’s online edition, nine out of ten French think that the Roma people are difficult to integrate into the French society and seven out of ten French believe that Interior Minister Manuel Valls was right to say this.
As for other European countries that are against Romania’s accession to the Schengen area, as mentioned in the Friday-Sunday issue of the newspaper, according to “Journal du Dimanche”, the Netherlands and Spain are against. The quoted publication mentioned also Italy among the countries that refuse the entry of Romania and Bulgaria into the Schengen area.
However, according to the Italian embassy in Bucharest, the position of the Government of Italy is that Romania should be granted full access to the Schengen system. “Italy in fact believes that all the related requirements have been completely
and successfully fulfilled by the Romanian Authorities,” reads a message from the Embassy of Italy to Bucharest sent to Nine O’Clock.
Basescu: The French get more upset with Roma’s thefts than with the “white collars” are stealing
President Traian Basescu said on Sunday at Pro TV News, that the French are more bothered by the Roma’s ‘thefts” than they are by the ‘white collars’ stealings amounting billions”, adding that his message for the French politicians, regarding the Schengen issue, is that “everything has a limit!”. He also stated that he expects Germany to remain “correct” regarding the Schengen issue.
The president mentioned that he did not hear the French president speaking on this matter, but said he would for sure discuss with him at the European Council in October.
In addition, Basescu stated that Romania is not pleased either with the Roma presence in Paris, but added that this affects the French citizen in terms of “small thefts”.

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