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January 27, 2022

Press: Gov’t preparing “great decentralization” through emergency ordinance

A decentralization project prepared by Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea and set to be adopted through an emergency ordinance modifies no less than 21 laws, stipulating which prerogatives will be ceded by ministries and other institutions towards county councils and mayoralties, ‘Gandul’ daily writes. According to the aforementioned source, Liviu Dragnea sent on September 24 to local authorities a notification concerning the legislative proposal titled “emergency ordinance concerning the establishment of measures to decentralize some prerogatives exercised by ministries and by the other special organs of the central public administration.” Thus, road and public order services, county agriculture offices and culture directorates could be transferred to local authorities. The deadline on which local authorities can come up with amendments is October 1.
Asked what he knows about this legislative proposal, Premier Victor Ponta said that “the government did not receive such a draft.” “Talk to Mr. Dragnea, he will talk with the representatives of local authorities, after which he will come within USL, after that within the government and then within Parliament. So there is a very long time to go,” Ponta said. Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea pointed out in his turn that this draft will be discussed in Parliament: “it’s a draft for Romania, for the transfer of some powers to the local administration.”
UDMR Senator Cseke Attila stated that UDMR salutes the government’s initiative of coming up with the draft on decentralization and is waiting for the government’s invitation to discuss this issue, considering that UDMR filed in Parliament a draft on the same issue. PDL President Vasile Blaga claims that PDL is in favor of real decentralization in which the ceding of responsibilities to the local level will be followed by the ceding of appropriate financial resources too.

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