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March 21, 2023

Gov’t set to improve the law on energy

Important gas discoveries in the Black Sea and in other perimeters, Minister Delegate for Energy Constantin Nita said.
The quality of energy distribution services has not been improved following specialized company privatizations, which is unacceptable, and majority shareholders export the profits made in Romania and import second-hand equipment, Minister Delegate for Energy Constantin Nita said at an energy forum, Mediafax notes. “By privatizing the distribution of electricity, we expected service quality to rise. This did not happen. Most complaints come from areas where the service has been privatized”, Nita added. The foreign companies who have purchased energy distribution branches in Romania are Enel (Italy), CEZ (the Czech Republic) and E.ON (Germany). “I urge these companies to revise the energy distribution policy for Romania. Several authorities have complained that these companies fail, are unwilling or unable – we will have to clarify the matter – to handle energy supply appropriately, especially in new districts. It is unacceptable”, the minister stated.
According to Nita, the government is going to improve the energy law, making it mandatory for energy products imported by Romania to be locally approved, since many imported products are second-hand and low quality. “We must set a standard. Romania should be treated properly, not according to these companies’ whim”, Nita said further. When asked if it privatized distribution companies run the risk of returning to state ownership, Nita replied there “are always risks”. He explained that Electrica, the state company that privatized branches between 2004 and 2008, has lawsuits pending at the Arbitration Court in Paris filed by all the companies that purchased energy distribution companies in Romania, because private investors have failed to meet particular contractual obligations undertaken in the privatization.
“We expected the service quality of some companies to grow. This did not happen. Most of our complaints come from private companies and are related to the quality of rendered service quality and attitude towards consumers. It is time for these companies to align themselves with European standards”, Nita stated.
Wind power plants cover one fifth of national production
The energy produced by wind power plants covers 21 percent of national production and is the second most important source of electricity after coal, which covers 27 percent. According to real time data provided by national energy system operator Transelectrica (TEL), wind power plants, photovoltaic parks and biomass plants cover 21.3 percent of consumption thanks to strong wind. The percentage wind power plants currently cover from total production is much higher than the 8 percent value reported in the first seven months of 2013. Likewise, nuclear energy production covers 17.4 percent of demand, hydro power plants cover 14.5 percent and hydroelectric power plants 19.7 percent.
two-year postponement of the deadline for lowering pollution levels
The Department for Energy will focus on exploiting the resources in the Black Sea, where important gas reserves have been discovered, Minister Delegate for Energy Constantin Nita told. “It is good to support exploration and exploitation,’ the Minister said. Last year, Petrom and ExxonMobil, which explore in partnership Neptun great-depth perimeter in the Black Sea, announced the discovery of some possible natural gas deposits, which could reach 84 billion cubic meters, namely the equivalent of the domestic consumption for six months.
On the other hand, he added that Romania will ask the European Commission to postpone the deadline by which steam power plants must lower polluting emissions by two years, as the target could not be reached due to lack of funds. Nita also reminded local authorities who are in charge of cogeneration electrical central heating systems (CET) they must pay for the used fuel. However, many such power plants have debts to pay to raw material providers as a consequence of low amounts collected from clients and lack of town hall funds.

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