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January 18, 2022

40 pc of Q1 agricultural exports are livestock and grains

According to a ZF analysis based on official statistics from MADR (the Ministry of Agriculture), livestock, wheat, barley and corn exports cumulated EUR 700 million in the first quarter, the equivalent of 40% of total exports abroad. Livestock, wheat, barley and corn exporting businesses have grown in Q1 on average by 2.4%, while agricultural and food exports have experienced an overall increase of 5.7% in the same time span.
“Agriculture and the food industry have the highest growth potential. Exports in the Romanian food industry are based on small companies making EUR 1-2 million exports every year. Since 2008, agricultural exports have tripled and food industry exports are 1.4 times higher,” professor and economy researcher Cezar Mereuta explained. The percentage represented by the four product categories of total agricultural and food exports shows the slow market evolution of processed products. The most expensive processed products exported from Romania in Q1 were cigarettes (EUR 227 million), meat and meat products (EUR 163 million) and vegetable oil (EUR 72 million). Thus, cigarette, meat and oil producers combined are responsible for EUR 460 million exports, official data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture shows. Business conducted abroad by companies from the food industry cover only 30 percent of total agricultural and food product exports in the first quarter. Last year’s largest processed product exporters were Philip Morris (cigarettes), British American Tobacco, JTI, Bunge, Expur, and Avicola Crevedia, according to INS (National Institute of Statistics) data.
The analysis performed by ZF also shows that agricultural and food product exports have experienced an accelerated increase in the last seven years, after Romania’s accession to the EU. Exports within this interval have increased from EUR 1.1 billion per year to EUR 4 billion per year. Thus, although Romania is one of the strongest agricultural players in the region, international agricultural and food product trading is deficient.

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