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March 28, 2023

RMGC Director: Rosia Montana Gold Corporation invested USD 30 M in heritage at Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) invested 30 million USD in the heritage at Rosia Montana, company managing director Dragos Tanase said on Thursday at the hearings with the parliamentary committee analysing the mining exploitation at Rosia Montana. “Until present, the total investment in heritage stands at 30 million dollars. Through the new agreement, we plan to invest other 70 million dollars in Rosia Montana only. We brought a contribution worth about 30 million dollars to the national heritage,” Dragos Tanase showed.
He also explained that the research programme of the heritage at Rosia Montana was the most important programme of the kind in Romania’s history benefiting from private funding.
“380 researchers were in Rosia Montana and analysed every heritage aspect. We had eight museums involved, under the coordination of the National Museum of History of Bucharest. We had six universities involved, six research institutes, three research centres, the entire programme was audited on countless occasions by people specialised in this field,” the RMGC managing director said.
According to him, 13 archaeological sites and 1,400 tombs were researched, 1,500 items were inventoried and 140 kilometres of gallery were examined, where fragments of Roman galleries totaling 7 kilometres were found. RMGC managed to restore 20 houses in the historical centre and plans to conduct rehabilitation works in the entire historic centre of Rosia Montana and turn it into a museum.
The RMGC managing director also pointed out that the Roman dwellings and necropolis would be included in a visiting circuit.
Dragos Tanase also maintained that all the heritage items were outside the mining area.

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