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The WOMEN in BUSINESS International Conference

The Romanian Female Business Environment Face to Face
with the International One
The WOMEN in BUSINESS conference, organized on October 17, 2013 in Bucharest, at Howard Johnson Hotel, brings together Romanian speakers, but also from Poland, Switzerland, Republic of Moldavia, Belgium and Greece. The event will focus on finding answers for the business environment, generating a flow of ideas for the development of the entrepreneurial and business environment, in the current social and economic context.

Bucharest, 26th Septembre. In the last years, the female business environment in Romania and at a global level has been developing fast. Business women have become more visible and active, they have set up firms, family-run businesses or became competitive in the corporate world.
At the same time, women have become interested in business tendencies pinpointed at an international level and want to know what leadership means in the new economy.
Furthermore, statistics in Romania show that 35% of SMEs have women leaders and 11% are exclusively run by women. Out of the businesses run by women, 46% are in the trading field and 20% in the service area – human resources, training, accounting, and cosmetics.
Basically, women are having an increasingly important place in the business world, proven by the fact that they obtain excellency in the fields they activate in. In this context, the WOMEN in BUSINESS organization is launching the first edition of an international annual conference which will focus on the realities of the current business environment and will look for solutions for women who wish to start a business, to develop one or for those who want to have an exceptional career.
Among the international speakers there are business people from Poland, Switzerland, the Republic of Moldavia, Belgium and Greece. They set up performing businesses, their career has evolved, they built strategies for multinational companies and they developed international businesses:
• Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek, Google Country Business Development Manager, Poland;
• Max Igor Muller, Helvetansa Managing Director, Switzerland;
• Karin Maquet, Business consultant dedicated to SMEs, Winner Equiwoman Award 2012, Belgium;
• Maria Vlachou, Fereikos Gefsis CEO & Managing Director and Fereikos Helix CEO & Managing Director, Greece;
• Carmina Vicol, Prime Capital CEO, Moldavia.
The Romanian speakers attending the conference are: Rucsandra Hurezeanu, Ivatherm; Sonia Năstase, Howard Johnson Hotel; Dora Surugiu, Maastricht School of Management; Aliz Kosza, Business Strategist; Petre Nicolae, CBS România; Camelia Șucu, Class Living, Iconic Wine Food&Design; Ioana Mucenic, pastel; Irina Markovits, Image Matters; Paul Olteanu, The Personal Marketing Agency; Doina Cepalis, Te-Rox Prod; Doina Binig, Siveco Romania; Sergiu Neguț, Maastricht School of Management Rațiu; Virginia Oțel, Garanti Group.

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