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January 18, 2022

PDL started the contest for the presidential elections

FC President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu announced his decision to run for the position of president of Romania. In retort, PDL leader Vasile Blaga said that someone who is not a PDL member is not allowed to participate in a debate within the party.
Several PDL leaders believe that Emil Boc or Catalin Predoiu would be suited to represent the party in the presidential elections’ race from 2014, given that yesterday began the enrolling for nominating the party’s candidate for presidency. According to the timetable set by the Director Board of PDL, those who want to join the party’s internal elections for the appointment of the candidate to participate at the presidential elections must entoll this week, October 7th to 14th. The applicants must present afterwards, to their party colleagues, by December 14th, a project for Romania.
Last month, PDL leader Vasile Blaga said that one of the party’s potential candidates for the presidential elections could be Catalin Predoiu.
On the other hand, Forta Civica’s (FC) president, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, on Sunday told Mediafax that he took the personal decision to run for the position of president of Romania, provided that his party, the alliance (DA Alliance) and the other parties of center – right validate this decision. “My personal decision is to enroll in the fight for the presidential elections, but it must be validated in the party, in the alliance and among all right-wing parties. This decision becomes final if the support of all right-wing parties is honest and definitive,” Ungureanu said. He showed that an application coming from the right-wing forces as a whole would be a first step to build a single center-right party.
Regarding MRU’s announcement, PDL leader Vasile Blaga said yesterday that PDL has “already established internal procedures” for the nomination of the candidate and that it is not allowed to participate in a debate within the party someone who is not a member. Blaga was asked whether PDL invites FC to merge with so that Ungureanu to run from the right wing for the presidential elections. “Time is very short, almost impossible, but the procedures are these ones, it is not allowed to participate in an internal debate within the party someone who is not a member of our party,” Blaga said.
Cezar Preda criticize traian Basescu
PDL vice-president Cezar Preda yesterday attacked the party “Miscarea Populara” – Traian Basescu’s party, saying that the president “wanted to make a party of nuns, but it came out a party of frustrated people”, adding: “This is what he could, this is what he did.” Preda also said that the Popular Movement Party (Miscarea Populara Party) comprises “people with no God.”He launched this attack after last week the president of the foundation, Marian Preda, was in Buzau to launch the Miscarea Populara Party, and said that Cezar Preda, who missed the event, “prefers to attack the political right than to fight those in the government.”

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