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March 23, 2023

PM Ponta: A glass of wine or a beer is not sanctioned by the new Road Code

The Premier said the code aims greater safety on the roads and no abuses against the drivers.
The controversial Road Code made the Prime Minister Victor Ponta to come up yesterday with a series of statements regarding the form and the approval of the Code. Thus, he stated, referring to the maximum permissible blood alcohol limit: “Those who go to a wedding and have a glass of wine will not be penalized.” “Up to 0.2 milligrams of pure alcohol in the expired air is not even a contravention. 0.2 means a glass of beer. But starting 0.5, not 0.8, should be considered delinquency, just as it happens all across Europe – up to 0.2 it happens to the ordinary people who go to a wedding and have a glass of wine, it’s not even a contravention. But from 0.2 to 0.5 it is a contravention, the license is suspended, and from 0.5 it’s delinquency,” said Ponta. He added that he worked with the team of the Interior Minister so that the new Road Code achieves its aim, namely to offer greater safety on the roads. The PM also said that the latest changes brought to the Road Code, agreed with the Interior Minister Radu Stroe, foresee the suspension of the license if the fines are not paid within 30 days, measure applicable also in case of delinquency. Ponta announced that he had one last conversation with the Minister of Interior on the Road Code, following to be decided within USL whether the law will be passed through an emergency ordinance or a bill, and if other amendments will be added. Ponta said that those who have unpaid fines within 30 days will be suspended the license until the fine is paid.
The new Road Code, law or emergency ordinance?
The final version of the new Road Code was expected to be approved yesterday by USL, as the PM himself declared. The aim of the Code is greater safety on the roads and no abuses against the drivers, also stated PM Victor Ponta. USL was expected also to decide whether the new Road Code will be developed in the form of law or emergency ordinance – topic widely discussed lately within the alliance.
“I worked on the Road Code, together with Interior Minister Stroe, we worked correctly what is supposed to be corrected. Now we discuss with USL to see the final version,” said the Prime Minister ahead of the USL leadership’s meeting. On the other hand, PNL president Crin Antonescu said yesterday at the end of USL’s meeting, that his party supports the option of passing the changes brought to the Road Code through an emergency ordinance adopted by the Government, motivating that there have been so far enough public debates.

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