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August 14, 2022

Antonescu wants to make peace between Ponta and Basescu

Senate President Crin Antonescu spoke on Tuesday evening at Antena 3 about the cohabitation pact between President and PM, about the cases of Dragnea and Vosganian and about a possible castling between him and Victor Ponta.
PNL President Crin Antonescu asked on Tuesday evening the Prime Minister and the head of state to put an end to the discussion on the cohabitation pact and said that all those involved in “this daily circus” can be considered clowns, bringing critics including to the Superior Council of the Magistrature (CSM) and to the Ambassador of Great Britain to Bucharest.
Antonescu was asked what won USL from the cohabitation pact. “USL has not won anything, this is my assessment, I know it varies compared to the one of Victor Ponta and of other colleagues from USL, but I maintain it. USL did not win anything, USL has lost a lot out of this pact,” replied the Liberal leader.
He said that Victor Ponta joined the “fiction” of the cohabitation pact upon the signing of the document in order to legitimize himself in front of the European, American, South American and Asian interlocutors with this pact, instead of legitimizing himself with the vote obtained in the elections. He argued that the cohabitation pact is a “pretext for this daily circus.” The liberal leader was said, by the moderator of the TV program, that he would have, therefore, classified Victor Ponta as a clown.
The PNL President also criticized CSM’s involvement in the discussion about the cohabitation pact between the premier and the president. The Liberal leader said he was sorry that he is not a journalist so he could find out how CSM is investigating if it was a political agreement on the prosecutors.
Antonescu recalled that during the term of Mona Pivinceru at the Justice Ministry, there had been established procedures in appointing the chief-prosecutors, together with the European Commission, but the institution has “trashed or swallowed them.” “What to investigate? We don’t investigate anything anymore, put an end once and for all, Basescu, Ponta, end up with this pact, people is laughing at us,” said Antonescu.
Also the Liberal leader criticized the public statements made by the British Ambassador to Bucharest, who would have said to the public opinion in Romania “as to some people on a lower scale considering the human evolution” that it is very important the cohabitation pact.
“How did this man come to act like this, in a country that welcomes and treats him nicely? It’s because of this circus that does not cease, I see that it swells, now the CSM joined the pact game too,” explained Antonescu.
Antonescu also said that he proposes the Prime Minister to have together a meeting with the ambassadors of the EU countries and with the U.S. affairs attache in which to discuss about the cohabitation pact in order to clear the things. Also, the Liberal leader commented Basescu’s statements on the fact that Victor Ponta would have become internationally frequentable following the signing in 2012 of the cohabitation pact, saying that the president’s public statement can be attributed to an accelerated aging, with phenomena of degeneration. Also regarding a statement made by President Basescu about the request of the renewal of his term, Antonescu tells the President to keep the change as he offers great tips and is generous.
The PNL president also said he gave up for the moment to the proposal to hold a debate on the state of justice, adding that in the Senate Permanent Bureau he noticed reticences and that he waits the “baking” of the courage.
Dragnea’s case, reported to Fenechiu’s case
PNL President Crin Antonescu mentioned on Tuesday evening that he can not ask the vice-premier Liviu Dragnea to leave the government due to his prosecution, by applying a “different measure” than the one he used in the case of Relu Fenechiu, whom he proposed as minister.
Antonescu was asked if he would require Dragnea’s resignation from the Government, in the context in which Varujan Vosganian has resigned from Ponta’s Cabinet in order not to affect the image of the Executive.
“I might do it, as long as I proposed Fenechiu as minister, who was having a lawsuit pending and whom I supported as minister saying >. And it proved to be so. Can I today go to Dragnea and with a different measure to say to him … starting as Macovei does: >.I don’t do such things, regardless if I lose (…),” said the Liberal leader.
Asked if he would withdraw from the Government if he were Dragnea, Antonescu said: “Probably not”.
He added that the position of minister would not affect “the course of justice”.

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