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March 21, 2023

Five to be minimal grade for high school admission

Starting 2015, five will be the minimal grade for high school admission, Education Minister Remus Pricopie said on Thursday. “I don’t believe it is fair the grade for high-school admission should be lower than 5”, Education Minister said when attending the presentation of the Bucharest Municipality School Inspectorate report on 2012-2013. Minister Pricopie also said that as of 2015, as well attending the kindergarten is mandatory starting age of 5. The children are to join whether they turn 5 before the enrollment. At present, children begin mandatory education when 6 of age, joining the prep school. Likewise, Pricopie said that starting 2014 the vocational school starts after the graduation of 7th form, and it takes three years.
Violence in schools, on the rise
The number of violence cases in the Capital’s schools was 244 in the 2012-2013 school year, nearly 90 more than the previous one, being recorded, among others, two cases of students who had gun and eight threats with the knife, according to the School Inspectorate of Bucharest. Also during the past school year, there were 135 collisions, which were majoritary in all the violences, said on Thursday the Capital’s General School Inspector Constantin Traistaru. In the schools from Bucharest there were registered, during the past school year, 60 thefts, said the school inspector.
Most of the cases of violence, 48, were recorded in the 1st District of the Capital. In the 6th district there were 45, in the 2nd district – 41, in the 5th district – 39, in the 3rd district -38 and in the 4th district – 33, according to the School Inspectorate of Bucharest (ISMB). The two cases of students who came to school with a gun were recorded in the 6th District, said the general inspector, who stressed the need of a school regulation that limits the access inside the schools for the children with guns.

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