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June 13, 2021

PM Ponta, about EP request on CIA prisons: We shall do everything that is standard in Europe

Romanian authorities do not hold any kind of information on existence of CIA prisons on Romania’s territory, MAE says.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday said that the authorities of Bucharest will do “everything that is standard on a European or international level” concerning the European Parliament (EP) request referring to the initiation of an independent investigation on the regime of CIA prisons on Romania’s territory.
“Honestly, I do not know which prisons this is about. I believe these things happened long before I neared the Prime Minister office. We shall study what has been decided and, certainly, we shall do everything that is standard on a European or international level,” Ponta said at Bucharest Auto Show.
The climate of impunity surrounding EU member states’ complicity in the CIA’s secret “rendition” and detention programmes has allowed violations of fundamental rights to continue unchecked, as revealed by mass surveillance programmes run by the US and some EU member states, mentions a resolution the European Parliament voted on Thursday within the plenary session in Strasbourg, informs a release of the institution.
Nonetheless, on Friday, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) issued a press release stating that the Romanian authorities do not hold any kind of information according to which on Romania’s territory there have been CIA detention centers or that the Romanian airports have been used by the CIA for the transport or detention of prisoners suspected of terrorism acts.
Moreover, no evidence could be produced connected with cases in which official foreign persons or agencies have been involved, on Romania’s territory, in confinement actions or illegal prisoners transport.
“To the appeal addressed to the Romanian authorities in the Resolution in question of <>, MAE points out that these measures have already been taken, the respective request having already been fulfilled. In this respect, an investigation committee, especially devoted to verifying the allegations invoked by the Resolution was established by Romania’s Senate in December 2005. The conclusions of the report the investigation committee adopted in 2008 clearly shows that there have not been any US secret bases in Romania,” the cited source underscored.
At the same time, MAE underlines that a judicial investigation has already been initiated and is currently being carried out. The competent authorities are taking all the necessary measures for solving this case with the complete observance of the state of law principles and of the human rights.

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