INSCOP: UK and Germany enjoy highest sympathy level amongst Romanians

The UK and Germany are the countries continuing to enjoy the highest sympathy level amongst Romanians, as reveals a survey carried out by Inscop Research and remitted to Agerpres on Monday. According to the survey, the respondents were asked to indicate what kind of feeling they have towards a series of countries, the answer options being ‘rather positive,’ ‘rather negative,’ or ‘I do not know or I do not wish to answer.’ The most liked countries according to the options voiced by the respondents are the UK, associated to a rather positive feeling by 75.5 per cent of the respondents, Germany (74.3 per cent), France (73 per cent). The three countries are followed, in terms of Romanians’ sympathy, by Spain (72.9 per cent), Italy (70.5 per cent) and the USA (70.3 per cent). Belgium is next, with 67.3 per cent of the respondents having voiced a rather positive feeling towards it, and the Netherlands, with 66.7 per cent. Of the neighbouring countries, the most favourable feelings go to the Republic of Moldova, for which 65.7 per cent of Romanians declare positive feelings. Greece gathers 58 per cent sympathy, Montenegro, 57.1 per cent, while China is liked by 56.5 per cent of Romanians. In the second half of the ranking there are Serbia (55.5 per cent), Bulgaria (50.3 per cent), Turkey (47.1 per cent) and Ukraine (41.8 per cent). On the last two positions in the sympathy ranking there are Russia, with 36.8 per cent, and Hungary, with 29.3 per cent. The survey quoted was carried out by INSCOP Research, at the request of ‘Adevarul’ daily during September 10-17, 2013. The sample volume stood at 1,050 persons and is representative for Romania’s population aged 18 and over. The maximum admitted error of the data accounts for plus/minus 3 per cent, at a 95 per cent confidence rate, with a multi-layered probabilistic sample.

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