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December 7, 2021

Predoiu launches political project for position of PDL presidential nominee

PDL has to win the presidential elections of 2014 and the general elections of 2016, the Democrat-Liberal leader states.
Catalin Predoiu launched yesterday the project with which he will compete within PDL in order to be nominated that party’s presidential candidate in 2014. Titled “Force of equilibrium. For a Romania well-led towards prosperity and normality,” the project is built around “five essential equilibriums that have to be achieved in order to unblock and unchain Romania.” “A “unifying president” that Romania needs can only come from competition, because an authentic leader is assured through authentic competition, and the authentic leader is a powerful leader that would solidly unify the right-wing’s energies and beyond that the nation’s energies, for Romania’s well being!” Predoiu writes in his political program.
According to Predoiu PDL “has the vocation to return to power and to resume projects such as those fulfilled in the past,” referring to the new Civil Code and the new Labor Code. PDL’s First Vice President also states that PDL has to be the center-right party best positioned in the EP elections, to win the Romanian presidency in 2014 and to win the general elections of 2016.
The project signed by Catalin Predoiu shows that Romania is currently a country with “an incompetent, abusive and in part anti-national USL government.” Predoiu also claims that Romania is ground up by multiple imbalances, especially because of the political class’s lack of vision and of the prevalence of individual political agendas belonging to some political leaders in particular.
According to PDL’s First Vice President, it has to be realized that “grand projects can no longer be done by the state, instead partnerships have to be built throughout the world.” He pleads for the drafting of a “long-term Economic Development Strategic Plan” that would take into account its trump cards, international competition and world developments, but also for the middle class that has to blossom.
In Predoiu’s opinion, the president will have to support administrative reform and administrative decentralization, as premises and pre-conditions of regionalization, being of the opinion that “USL’s regionalization project and its unprofessional and insufficiently prepared political action in particular will “defeat” Romania and will affect its fundamental interests.”
In what concerns foreign policy, he states that the Washington – London – Bucharest “axis” has to include Berlin too and “the military-strategic aspect should be completed with public and private relations that would include technological partnerships.”
On the other hand, the leaders of the other right-wing parties hope that the right-wing’s presidential candidate will be Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, the president of the Civic Force, or at least that is what FC President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and Popular Movement President Eugen Tomac hinted on Sunday during a press conference with Moldovan journalists. “Of course we see it like this: a future political structure should support a candidate that has the biggest chances in the presidential elections. I am sure MRU will be a much better president than Victor Ponta or Mircea Geoana,” Tomac stated for Unimedia. On the other hand, Ungureanu avoided giving a clear answer, pointing out that his decision is to run in the presidential elections. “I hope that this will also be the desire of the team I am leading, of the political vehicle we want to build,” he stated, being quoted by the aforementioned source.

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