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October 23, 2020

Is PSD preparing to leave the liberals ‘in off’?

PSD might rule without the liberals if it convinced the MPs of Dan Voiculescu’s party to definitively give up their partnership with PNL and move in their camp.
Of late, PSD broadened its ranks with members of Parliament recruited from PPDD, the Adevarul daily wrote yesterday, and the latest mathematical calculations show that the social-democrats have several variants of taking the governance for themselves, without the liberals. The safest way would be an alliance with UDMR and PC, a party which froze the relations with PNL, claims the source. In the Chamber of Deputies, PSD currently has 167 elects, out of the 204 it would need in order to have a majority. With the 18 votes of UDMR and with the votes of conservative deputies (18 MORE), PSD would be just one vote from majority. According to Adevarul, PSD leaders already negotiate with a non-affiliated MP and the new majority would be formalised this week in the Lower House. PSD might also count on the 18 votes of national minorities, which always side with the power. A trio PSD-UDMR-PC could also solve the equation of majority in the Senate. Out of a total 174 senators, 69 are social-democrats. Adding 8 senators from UDMR and 9 from PC would take PSD to just one vote away from majority in the Upper House too. According to the same source, in the near future three MPs from the People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu (PPDD) will join the ranks of social-democrats. One case got already confirmed yesterday, when PPDD deputy Miron Smarandache informed the Permanent Bureau about his transfer to the parliamentary group of PSD. “The grey eminence” of PSD, Viorel Hrebenciuc recently admitted on Realitatea TV that PSD wishes a new majority. “We have that 51 pc in Parliament, but these are times when the country cannot be governed with 51 pc. Most of them do not have the needed experience in Parliament. One cannot afford entering a new budget with a government that depends on 15 votes,” he explained.
The new majority takes shape each day in Parliament, Adevarul wrote, giving as exampel the fact that the representatives of PSD, PC and UDMR in the Permanent Bureau of the Senate joined hands last week and rejected the debate on the state of justice, proposed by PNL president Crin Antonescu.
The leader of PDL deputies, Mircea Toader affirmed Monday that he does not have signals about defections from PDL to PSD and PNL, adding that the “haemorrhage” from PPDD towards the member parties of USL will increase, allowing PSD to govern on its own. According to Toader, it is a nonsense for a political alliance that already has 70 pc to collect MPs only in view of increasing its numbers and, if PPDD continues to diminish, there is the risk that its parliamentary group will disband. The secretary general of PPDD, Liviu Neagu announced at the end of last week that his party will begin, this week, an action aimed at suing in court the PPDD legislators who defected to other parties, who will be asked to pay EUR 2 M each, as provided by a document they signed before elections. Liviu Neagu explained that already 20 departures from PPDD have been registered so far, leaving his party with just 42 MPs, out of the 68 elected in 2012.

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