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May 12, 2021

Penescu, sentenced to two years and a half of prison

Businessman Cornel Penescu was sentenced by the High Court of Justice to two years and six months of prison with suspension in a case in which he is accused of bribing two commissioners from the Financial Guard Arges, according to Agerpres.
In the same file, the former director of PIC (company owned by Penescu), Gheorghita Pieca, was sentenced at two years of prison with suspension and Liviu Nicusor Mirtoiu and Iulian Popescu (commissioners at the Financial Guard Arges) were sentenced to three years of prison with suspension.
The supreme court upheld the appeal filed by the prosecutors and extended the previous punishments given by the Court in Teleorman and by the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, the decision being final.
It is the second final punishment received by Cornel Penescu, after he was convicted in September, alongside the PPDD Senator Antonie Solomon, to three years of prison for bribery and intelectual forgery.
Currently, Cornel Penescu is being imprisoned at the Colibasi Penitentiary.
According to the indictment prepared by the DNA prosecutors, Liviu Nicusor Mirtoiu and Iulian Popescu, senior commissioners at the Financial Guard – Arges Department, were charged that on March 20th, 2007, they received an amount of RON 1,000 each from Gheorghe Pieca, at the request of Penescu, in order to to carry out a superficial inspection after which the disclosure of the true findings to be avoided.
According to the prosecutors, the two commissioners of the Financial Guard have prepared a report, dated March 26th, 2007, in which they inserted false data about the companies they had under supervision, omitting the real ones. The report was signed also by Gheorghita Pieca, from the position of administrator.

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