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October 25, 2021

4th century pot included in the National Cultural Heritage, ‘Treasures’ category

A food storage jar, listed as being of the ‘Kraussengefasse’ type, was included by the Ministry of Culture in the Romanian National Cultural Heritage, the ‘Treasures’ category, in reply to a proposal made by specialists of the Vrancea County Directorate for Culture. “The jar belongs to the 4th century and it is specific to the Santana Mures culture, being made of ceramics, by using a potter’s wheel. It measures 635 mm in height, 580 mm in diameter, 445 mm at the mouth and 202 mm at the bottom. The specialists say that it is pretty well preserved”, Traian Negulescu, the director of the Vrancea County Directorate for Culture told Agerpres. According to him, the heritage item belongs now to an individual who agreed to cooperate actively to have the valuable jar checked and registered’.
The ‘Kraussengefasse’ pot is the first movable item of cultural property in the Vrancea County ever ranked by the Ministry of Culture, following a proposal made by the Vrancea County Directorate for Culture. Before 2007, 32 more cultural items were also included in the National Movable Heritage, all in the ‘Treasures’ category, at the proposal of the Vrancea Museum. “The inclusion of the ‘Kraussengefase’ pot in the category of valuable movable goods brings back into the spotlight the heritage of the Vrancea County, which is an extremely valuable one”, said Negulescu.

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