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March 29, 2023

IGR general director informed about his dismissal by fax

The National Education Ministry said that Marincea was removed from office because of “the faulty manner in which he coordinated and communicated the findings of the research” conducted with regard to the earthquakes occurred in Galati
Stefan Marincea, the head of the Romanian Geological Institute (IGR) was informed about his removal from office on Wednesday by the Education Ministry, in a document faxed and signed by an unknown person. His removal from office, as well as the manner in which things have proceeded, have sparked intense speculation on the reason for his dismissal. On Thursday, the National Education Ministry (MEN) tried to put a damper to the speculation by saying that Marincea was removed from office because of “the faulty manner in which he coordinated and communicated the findings of the research” conducted with regard to the earthquakes that have occurred in Galati over the past weeks. “Although he was a member of the multidisciplinary commission established to examine the causes of the quakes that have jolted Galati, and despite the fact that we had decided to release a unified point of view to the media, Mr. Marincea decided to make public the partial results, before being discussed and validated within the commission,” the education ministry informed in a release. The Ministry also said that “the unprofessional manner, dominated by hypotheses and uncertainties” in which the former IGR director revealed the conclusions on this phenomenon “has triggered a wave of panic among the population and has created a climate of fear and uncertainty in the respective area.” “This is not in line with the role and status of the Romanian Geological Institute and it might affect the credibility of the researchers conducting their activity at this institution,” MEN also said.

Education Minister Remus Pricopie said on Thursday that Stefan Marincea was removed from office due to reasons regarding the communication of elements not verified scientifically, as well as due to violations of the law.
As for his dismissal, Stefan Marincea told Mediafax he was informed “by fax, with two documents signed by different persons” that he is no longer the general director of IGR as of Wednesday. He also said he plans to put forward a criminal complaint in this case. “I do not know who discharged me from office, I received two orders, two decisions signed by different persons and I intend to make a criminal complaint against the people who sent these orders,” said Marincea. “There is an unfounded reason as regards an assent that would not have been granted to me, not suspended, but the job description does not stipulate this assent and secondly, I am involved in a lawsuit with those who would have imposed an administrative sanction to my institution. Therefore an unfounded reason amid a litigious period,” Marincea told Antena3 private new channel. “I believe that my statements on this matter upset some people,” said Marincea, according to cotidianul.ro, in relation to the statements he gave on October 8 when he was heard by the Parliamentary special commission for the Rosia Montana project. On October 8 Marincea strongly criticized the gold mining project, saying that the project “is not to the benefit of the Romanian state.” Marincea told Mediafax on Thursday that he was removed from office by the Education Ministry in a discriminatory and illegal manner, because he does not have an ORNISS certificate, but this certificate is not mandatory. The Education Ministry removed Marincea from office because he is not in possession of the certificate issued by the National Registry Office for Classified Information (ORNISS).
When asked about the name of the future general director of the institute, Marincea said the position will be filled by Marcel Maruntiu. According to the IGR website, Marcel Maruntiu currently holds the position of scientific director of the institute.

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