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May 17, 2022

Valcov: Draft law on Rosia Montana, totally changed

The chairman of the Rosia Montana Committee, Darius Valcov said Thursday that the draft law received from the government has been radically changed by the Committee, even the title being modified so that it no longer refers to Rosia Montana, but to gold and silver mines in general. Furthermore, the agreement between government and RMGC was removed from the document.
During the debates held Thursday behind closed doors, the Committee voted on the draft law in the form received from the government, but later controversies appeared over the significance of the vote. According to sources participating in debates, quoted by Mediafax, the draft law was put on vote during the proceedings, in the form received from the government, with a score of 9 ‘yay’ (7 members from PSD, 1 PPDD, 1 PC) to 5 ‘nay’ (5 PNL, 2 UDMR). PNL deputy Cristina Pocora explained that, as the draft law did not pass, the Committee will continue debates, amendments will be submitted and the final vote will be cast “on the amended report.”

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