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September 24, 2021

Sorin Oprescu on possible strong quake: I fear for the people living in old buildings

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu stated yesterday on Pro TV that in case of a high magnitude earthquake he fears for “the people living in old buildings” and “obstinately refusing” to allow consolidation works. The mayor underlined that according to the legal provisions currently in force he has no right to force Bucharesters to accept the consolidation of the buildings they own and to temporarily move out of them, however he is asking the government to modify the law. The mayor pointed out that 30 buildings at risk in case of earthquake were consolidated in the last years, buildings that have 160-180 apartments, and another 15 are “in the process.” Asked about the situation of buildings located in the Old Center, Oprescu stated that the area has 186 buildings, “three quarters” of which were retroceded.
In what concerns the stray dogs issue, Oprescu stated that their release back on the streets was probably “the biggest mistake” done after talks with NGOs in order to solve the stray dogs issue. “After hours of talks with the NGOs and after a protest outside the City Hall building, in which they asked me to catch them (the dogs – editor’s note), we did. Neuter them, we did. Tag them, we did. Release them, we did. This was probably the biggest mistake, because nobody took care of them at the apartment buildings. We took them there, we left them without food, without water, without care. They left and they formed packs,” Oprescu said about the measures adopted in previous years. Asked who is to blame for the failure to solve the problem, the mayor said: “Everyone is to blame, especially those who declared themselves dog lovers and did nothing but create noise.”
Not attracted by presidency…
Asked whether he will run for president in 2014, Oprescu answered: “This doesn’t cross my mind at this moment, I said it very clearly, it doesn’t cross my mind, I mind my own business.” Asked whether the “PSD people” are thrilled to back a Liberal candidate for the presidency, Oprescu answered negatively, pointing out however that “it’s not about the substance but about the relations at county level.” Asked why Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta attack each other, Oprescu answered: “The elections are approaching, some folks are whispering to Crin: “You have to be a right-wing man.””

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