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December 6, 2022

Winter begins after November 20!

“Temperatures of minus 15 or minus 20 degrees Celsius are not out of the question. We are expecting
a normal winter,” the director of ANM stated.

Winter will begin after November 20 with temperatures slightly above zero during the day and below zero at night, Ion Sandu, director of ANM (the National Meteorology Administration), announced yesterday. “After November 20, precipitations will come as drizzle and snowfall, but snowfalls are possible even after November 1 in the mountains. Before November 1, the maximum temperature will be around 20 degrees, with positive values at night,” Sandu pointed out.
Referring to a prognosis for the following three months, Sandu said temperatures will be below average in December and normal in January and February.
At the meeting with government representatives, Radu Stroe, Internal Affairs Minister, told them to prepare a local distribution schedule for non-skid materials, even if the weather is currently warm. Stroe reminded participants that there is a problem with the snow removal equipment which needs fixing and that the situation of contracts for snow removal off roads during the winter needs to be revised.
According to Adevarul newspaper, the Romanian meteorologists’ prognosis is in contradiction with that of Russian meteorologists and Western experts, who have stated that temperatures in upcoming months will be some of the most severe experienced in the 20th century. Abundant rain is scheduled to occur in the next three months, accompanied by November temperatures between 8 degrees Celsius in Dobrogea and 0 degrees Celsius in northern Romania. However, temperatures in December will be normal for this time of the year in most areas of the country, with maximum values ranging between 4 degrees Celsius in Dobrogea and below 4 degrees Celsius in northern regions. Monthly water quantities will be above the climatological average in central, eastern and southeastern Romania, and close to normal values in the rest of the country. “Precipitations in November and December will be mixed – drizzle and snowfall – because of continuing cold and warm-air intrusions. Only as of January and February, the true winter months, will there be snowfalls,” the on-duty meteorologist stated for Adevarul. The meteorologists’ prognosis does not include severe phenomena such as frost, the expert added.
Cold weather and blizzards will occur in the first month of 2014 and temperatures will range from 2 degrees Celsius in Dobrogea to below 6 degrees Celsius in northern Romania, “Two or three blizzards may occur in January in southern Romania, even if quantities will be normal, of 30 liters per square meter. It is difficult to define a harsh winter, but considering temperatures will be slightly below normal values, blizzards may occur periodically,” the meteorologist said.
On the other hand, journalists at Evenimentul Zilei claim the cold weather will start around Christmas, with significant drops in temperature and snowfalls in specific areas: “This Christmas will be very cold, compared to previous years and normal values for this time of the year. The minimum temperatures will range from minus 4 to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and around minus 14 degrees Celsius in depressions.”

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