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March 30, 2023

LEPROUS, a fabulous live performance

Taine, Blindead and… LEPROUS. The audience witnessed an almost gradual transition of energy and progressive metal combinations from one band to the next on Monday evening at the Silver Church Club in Bucharest. Metal fans were once again reassured that the Nordic rock music scene offers bands that are not to be missed. One such example was the Norwegians of Leprous, who performed in a spectacular concert. For almost 100 minutes, the heart of the club became a haven of powerful and truly unforgettable sounds and vocal interpretations. At times, fans felt like the artists performing perfectly on stage were from a realm to which mortals were complete strangers. Although this was not their first concert in Romania, the enthusiasm and desire to give their best before the handful of people who gathered there proved beyond expectations and showed that the band was worthy of being headliner. The 200 persons in the club were filled with energy by the members of Leprous, a band which expert critics have trouble classifying because of their habit of experimenting with avant-garde, progressive metal, death and melodic black sounds.
The show was part of a 2013 tour that started in September in Norway, Trondheim and is scheduled to end on November 8 in Paris. Many of the tracks played (‘The Valley’, ‘Coal’ or ‘Echo’) were from the band’s latest album, ‘Coal’, and ‘The Passive’, played in the encore, was an extremely pleasant and long awaited surprise for fans of the band.

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