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May 19, 2022

Officers, politicians and businessmen in Deva and Alba Iulia, charged with tax evasion

Chief Commissioner Traian Berbeceanu, head of BCCO (Brigade against Organized Crime) in Alba Iulia, was picked up from his residence in Deva by anti-terrorism units in order to be interrogated in connection with a file in which he is charged with collaborating with a criminal group. DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) prosecutors conducted a total of 11 searches in Alba County at the residences of persons suspected of tax evasion with petroleum products worth over RON 3.5 million.
Criminal proceedings have been initiated in the name of Chief Commissioner Traian Berbeceanu for charges of collaboration with a criminal group, aiding and abetting, failure to notify legal authorities, perjury and false statements. More precisely, prosecutors accuse the head of BCCO Alba Iulia of helping the defendants by providing inside information related to the progress of DIICOT’s investigation or the progress made in specific files on economic infractions committed by members of the criminal group. Berbeceanu allegedly told them about future searches and witness hearings beforehand and advised them on how to prevent the prosecutors from attaining evidence of the crime by warning them not to use the telephone to communicate.
When asked what his opinion is on this matter, the commissioner replied “it is the greatest abomination that could have happened.” Traian Berbeceanu is 45 years old and, since 2005, he has been Chief of BCCO Alba Iulia, the scope of which covers Alba, Hunedoara and Sibiu Counties. Moreover, in 2007 he was named ‘Police office of the year.’
According to legal sources cited by Mediafax, this file also involves Ovidiu Mos (PSD), Deputy Mayor of Deva. He could not be contacted for comments. Petru Marginean, mayor of Deva, stated he knows nothing about the deputy mayor’s possible implication in the case. The same sources say a total of 10 persons are involved in this case, including the branch director of a bank, multiple businessmen in Hunedoara County and two law enforcement officers – a chief commissioner of BCCO Alba Iulia and an Organized Crime employee in Deva.

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