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October 8, 2022

Orange Romania’s revenues up 3.2 pc in Q3 2013

Orange Romania has reported revenues of EUR 241 million in the third quarter of 2013, marking a 3.2 percent increase compared to the third quarter of 2012, according to a report by the French group dated September 30 on financial results for the third quarter of 2013, a press release notes. Company revenues amounted to EUR 690 million since the start of the year, 0.7 percent higher than in the same period last year.
On September 30, 2013 Orange Romania had 10.383.481 clients, 183,000 more than three months prior. The new Orange TV service that offers multiple HD TV channels and is available on laptops, tablets and smartphones via Orange TV Go with data traffic included for all subscription categories, PrePay options and new services and applications such as Orange Antivirus, Libon, Cloud, Deezer, which are designed to ease access to the digital world, as well as the attention paid to client interaction have all contributed significantly to attracting a larger number of Orange users.
Easy internet access in all subscription categories or by PrePary card, the on-going expansion of the current network and the expansion of 4G coverage have led to a 85 percent increase in mobile internet traffic in the third quarter of 2013 compared to the same period last year. This trend is also maintained by a 101 percent increase in smartphones sales in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. According to Orange group representatives, this impressive increase was due both to a wider and more diversified smartphone portfolio offering products at accessible prices, and to Orange Care services, which provide clients who purchase such phones for the first time full assistance. The wider range of abilities of a smartphone was also an important factor. For instance, 62 percent of Orange TV Go clients use their smartphones to watch TV channels live.
The number of tablets sold in the third quarter of 2013 has increased 7 times compared to the same period in 2012. The new Orange services and applications allowing clients to surf the internet safely, store and protect their data, as well as the entertainment services available from anywhere and with any type of screen have brought a large contribution in this respect.

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