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August 15, 2022

Regionalization to take place in 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea admitted yesterday that USL’s current approach on regionalization differs from the initial version at the start of the year, explaining that, according to the Union’s new vision, 2014 will be used as an opportunity for creating the institutional framework for regionalization within currently valid limits, Mediafax informs. Dragnea stated that the regionalization project was not interrupted, but will move forward. USL, he continued, only wishes to “slightly” broaden the tasks of current CDRs (Regional Development Councils) in order to create regional institutions that can become a sort of interface between current CDRs, ADRs (Regional Development Agencies) and the ministries. On the other hand, Dragnea said he was referring to Marcel Opris, head of STS, in a statement made recently about a “so-called” secret service chief “going around town” claiming that the Deputy Prime Minister’s regionalization is, in fact, aimed at covering irregularities or illegalities in the social benefit allotment process. “(…) if he knows, knew or still knows there are irregularities or illegalities in the social benefit allotment process, how could a decentralization process cover these illegalities when it was publicly stated that all aspects related to inspection and control will still pertain to the ministries’ tasks; how could these illegalities be covered up? Secondly, why does he not make them public? And thirdly, since he has been sitting on information with respect to alleged illegalities, is he then not a concealer of facts? I am referring to Mr. Opris at STS,” Dragnea said. On a change of topic, PDL asked Dragnea yesterday to schedule a meeting on the Decentralization Law because Romania runs the risk of turning into “a bunch of fiefs” as a result of this project.

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