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January 28, 2022

Gov’t, IMF to re-analyze all stages of the privatization of CFR Marfa

EC wants to become ASF’s most powerful ally, said the head of the European Commission delegation in Romania, Istvan Pal Szekely.
The Romanian government agreed with the IMF Friday at Palatul Victoria to re-analyze all the stages in the privatization procedure of CFR Marfa in order to identify why the operation was not finalized, but a deadline for the sale was not set, Mediafax informs. When asked if this will imply a change in the bidding procedure or the privatization requirements, cited sources replied that a decision was not made Friday in this respect, but an analysis of all scenarios will be conducted together with the IMF, after which subsequent steps for the Romanian authorities will be established. Among the topics of discussion were budget adjustment, budget revenue collection and the absorption of European funds.
Also, the IMF and EC missions were invited to the ASF (Fiscal Overseeing Agency) headquarters to be informed on the priorities of the Association. Participating in the meeting there were; Dan Radu Rusanu – ASF President, Daniel Daianu – First Vice President, Andrea Schaechter – the head of the IMF mission in Romania and Istvan Szekely – the head of the European Commission mission in Romania. The European Commission (EC) wants to become the most powerful ally of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) and to see that this institution functions at international standards, said the head of the European Commission delegation in Romania, Istvan Pal Szekely. ‘There are many aspects in which we agree or we had a very good start for agreeing. We both need: us, the EC, and you, the ASF, some certainties in order to be able to progress to the next phase. I want to be really honest: we wish that we could become your most powerful ally and also to watch how this institution functions at international standards’, Szekely stated.
He underscored that the representatives of the European Commission are very interested to see the results of the personnel restructuring process that was carried out at the ASF by an independent company benefiting of an international reputation. ASF launched the selection process for the company to carry out the restructuring in September 2013.
Andrea Schaechter met also on Thursday at the Public Finance Ministry headquarters the Minister Delegate Liviu Voinea and talked about the budget revision draft and the projections on the budget for 2014. The delegations of the European Commission and the World Bank were attending the meeting.

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