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December 6, 2022

“ We highly encourage our investors in Romania”

Interview with H.E. Mr. Omur SOLENDIL, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Romania
This year Turkey and Romania celebrated the 135th anniversary of diplomatic relations. How was this special event marked?
Turkey and Romania established diplomatic relations in 1878, just after Romania declared its independence. Thus, 2013 marks the 135th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries. The time-tested relations between Turkey and Romania reflect a common history based on cooperation and mutual trust.
Having built the Strategic Partnership in 2011, today Turkey and Romania enjoy excellent relations in every field. The mutual frequent high level visits are clear indications of exemplary bilateral relations between Turkey and Romania. Among those visits, I wish to highlight the official visit of H.E. Mr. Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania to Turkey on September 19, upon the invitation of H.E. Mr. Erdogan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey. Furthermore, as the readers of Nine O’clock gazes through this newspaper today, 29th October 2013, H.E. Mr. Ponta will be attending the inauguration ceremony of Marmaray project in Istanbul. This project consists of altogether 76 km. of railway system which includes 13.6 km. undersea crossing tunnel, with an earthquake-proof immersed tube. It bears crucial importance since it will provide direct connection between Asia and Europe with an uninterrupted, modern and high-capacity commuter rail system. On the occasion of the visit, two Prime Ministers will also hold bilateral talks.
I am pleased to mention that our close political, economic and cultural ties, which are nurtured by our deep-rooted relations, are very strong. Thanks to our common past, we are happy to share similar traditions and cultural values. On the occasion of the anniversary of 135 years, we organized a classical music concert in Ateneul Roman in July 2013, with the participation of prominent classical musicians from Turkey.
The concert and the following reception were attended by an audience of approximately 500 guests including high-level Romanian officials, members of diplomatic corps and Turkish community in Romania.
Reckoning the mutual political will of our two countries, I am certain that our relations will continue to develop even further in every field to the interest of both parties.
Regarding Turkey’s national day, how will it be marked in Romania? And how is it celebrated in Turkey?
Modern Turkey was founded on the comprehensive and groundbreaking reforms initiated by Atatürk. Among those reforms, one of the most important was the proclamation of the Republic on October 29, 1923. This year we are proud to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.
Every year, 29th of October is celebrated with several festivities and events both in Turkey and in our missions abroad. In Turkey, following the formal receptions during the day in Ankara, President of the Republic of Turkey traditionally hosts a reception in the evening with the participation of high level Turkish guests as well as chiefs of diplomatic missions. Besides formal celebrations, concerts and other informal activities are organized throughout Turkey to rejoice our enthusiasm and pride on this important day.
In Romania, as we do each year, our Embassy will host National Day receptions to which high level Romanian authorities, members of diplomatic corps and Turkish community as well as representatives of the Turkish and Tatar minorities in Romania are invited. Furthermore, our Consulate General in Constanta and our Honorary Consulates in Iasi and Cluj will organize events and receptions on this occasion.
In 2012 Turkey was Romania’s 5th commercial partner and ranked 3rd in foreign investors’ hierarchy. How do you envisage the perspectives of bilateral relations?
Economic and trade relations constitute one of the most crucial aspects of our bilateral relations. Turkey and Romania are the biggest trade partners in this region and Turkey ranks as Romania’s first export destination outside the EU. Despite the negative effects of the global financial crisis, our bilateral trade volume reached almost 6 billion US Dollars last year and approximately 4,1 billion US Dollars by the end of August this year. Our common target is to reach 10 billion US dollars of annual trade volume in the near future.
The Turkish investments in Romania are at the 3rd place among the foreign investors and currently more than 7.000 Turkish entrepreneurs actively work in Romania. The Turkish investments are not only indispensible components of our economic relations, but also they are important elements of the Romanian economy in terms of creating employment opportunities and contributing to GDP rise. We highly encourage our investors in Romania and likewise, we expect more Romanian entrepreneurs to invest in Turkey and take advantage of the favorable business environment offered to the foreign investors.
In October last year you participated at the Romania-Turkey Business Forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania – National Chamber, together with the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists – TUSKON. Is there another such Forum in sight?
Last year in October, together with Mr. Mustafa Sever, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economy of Turkey, we participated in the Balkan Region Turkish Economic Forum organized by the Turkish Businessmen Association in Romania, Turkish World Business Council and Turkish Foreign Economic Council with the valuable support of the Romanian authorities. This regional Economic Forum certainly provided a firm basis for further strengthening our bilateral economic relations and improving trade relations in the whole region. I am certain that it has also contributed to pave the way to attract more foreign investments in Romania.
The Turkish Businessmen Association in Romania works in close cooperation with their Romanian counterparts and we strongly support similar events to be organized with a view to establishing contacts, developing partnerships among the business circles and exchanging information on the investment opportunities.
This year in May a Turkish festival was held in Bucharest and was very well received. Do you know by any chance if it will be organized also next year?
It gives me great pleasure to observe that Turkish culture, together with its cuisine, traditions, language and even TV shows are candidly embraced and appreciated by the Romanian people. I believe that this is due to the fact that Turkish and Romanian people have lived together for centuries peacefully and immensely influenced each other’s culture in a constructive manner. Moreover, thanks to the positive approach of the Romanian authorities, the Turkish and Tatar minorities, populated mostly around Dobrugea region, live in this country happily and prosperously. The people-to-people contacts between our nations are also very strong and approximately 400.000 Romanian tourists visit Turkey every year. All these factors create the favorable ground for further advancing our intense social and cultural ties. Therefore, the cultural events organized by various Turkish institutions and organizations will continue in the coming period.

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