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January 27, 2022

Bucharest is celebrating Halloween

Halloween may be a typical American holiday, but it has also gained in popularity in Bucharest. On this special occasion, clubs have prepared an array of theme parties taking place both today, October 31, and the upcoming weekend.

Halloween Party at Bastards Club
The party starts on October 31, 9.00 p.m. with free Bloody Bastard and Punch all night long. Organizers suggest you bring comfortable footwear for a night of dancing. Costumes are not mandatory, but if the organizers like what you are wearing, you are in for a reward!

Scary Journey at Journey Pub
Prepare to be lured into going on a scary adventure involving ghosts, hexes, ghouls, giant spiders and ghost cookies on the house on October 31, starting at 10.00 p.m. Costumes are optional, but get you a 10% discount voucher.

Halloween Special at Underworld
Rock’n’Roll for the Dead with DJ Sinn and Liv Decay! On October 31, all Shots All night RON 5 (Tequila, Jagermeister, Absinth, Cozonac). Free entry!

Halloween Massacre at Fire Club
On October 31, you are invited to summon evil spirits on a hellish night at the Fire Club. Get your costume, come to the Fire Club and you will get a free shot of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, straight from Hell.
Zombify Yourself at Expirat
This is what we want you to do on October 31 – go down into the two basements on 4 Brezoianu Street, just like in all those horror movies, bring your living corpse mask with you and become a zombie! Our classical 0.6 l drinks will cost the same as 0.3 l drinks and entry is free. This is what you will be hearing on the dance floor: “Night of the Living Dead” with Alternative soundtrack, Funk, Breaks and Electro by George in Expirat and a lot of bass by Stefan at ‘SecTia (inca) Agitati’. Dress code: zombie, horror, thrilling, spooky.

Drink or Treat – Halloween Party in B52
The haunted B52 building opens its doors on October 31 for a night of terror with the best of spirits! Free entry!
All Hallows Nights at Stuf Vama Veche
On November 1, all the shadows gather to celebrate Halloween by joining the most amazing party and ‘trick & treat’-up in Bucharest at Stuf Vama Veche, 25a Berzei Street!
Dia de Muertos at Atelierul de Productie
On November 1, you are invited by Atelierul de Productie at one of the biggest parties of the year: Dia de Muertes, an originally Mexican holiday celebrated through music and color. Line-up: Benny Page (Great Britain)/ Flowdan (Great Britain)/ Kahn (Great Britain)/ LowFreq (Romania)/ Zo (Romania). Entry – RON 30.

Halloween Party at Modelier
You are in for a scary Halloween party – old house, creaking staircase and decorations to match. On November 1, disguise yourself as the scariest character you can think of and come at MODELiER to scare and be scared.

Halloween Party
at Hard Rock Cafe
You should not be alone in the house on the scariest night of the year. So grab your friends, wear an original costume and come at the Hard Rock Café on October 31, 9.00 p.m. for an awesome Halloween party!
The dAdA & DJ Antenna – Halloween Party at Fifteen
On October 2, Fifteen Restaurant & Pub invite you to the coolest Halloween Party in Centrul Vechi! The dAdA will heat things up at 10.00 p.m. with an Acoustic Session. Bring a costume and get a Special Shot! Entry – RON 15.

Halloween Party at La Un Ceai
On Thursday, October 31, 8.00 p.m., come spend Halloween by enjoying a cup of tea (and other potions), karaoke and pumpkins that are ready to be carved six ways to Sunday. The most creative pumpkin carvers will be rewarded with surprise prizes sponsored by Le papion and Funny Bijoux.

Trip or treat at Colectiv
The most atypical wardrobe choices will be rewarded with free drinks with a thematic twist. Entry is free until 10.00 p.m. October 31.
(Source: www.metropotam.ro )

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