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October 19, 2021

Antonescu ponders running for president on behalf of PNL alone

The Liberal leader will take this option into account if the Social democrats will have a separate runner.

PNL president Crin Antonescu said on Friday, on Realitatea TV, while commenting on the consequences of the cohabitation pact, that “we have a weak country, which hardly manages (…) to go forward in reinvigorating its economy,” while there is also a paralysis of the government and of the majority. “We are almost ridiculous, when the cohabitation actually signifies the means used by President Basescu to obstruct, sabotage this government and Parliament majority as hard as he can, without caring for the wellbeing of this country or anything else.
The situation degrades because the government is weakened, the deals which Traian Basescu blows through the institutions he kept under his control following a detrimental, unhealthy pact that is somehow outside the Constitution, these blows are well aimed,” Antonescu said, quoted by Mediafax. He added that the president is incapable to construct, so the country is “decapitated, or in any case dismantled at its top.” “(…) We have a president that is long compromised, we have a paralysis in certain regards, even of the government, of the Parliament majority, we have a Constitutional Court that ignores everything, including the Constitution, if it wants so and we continue to have, although there is the massive vote of the people, although there is behind this government a force that has not existed since 1990, we still have a country that is weak internally, which hardly manages, from these three standpoints, to push forward with reinvigorating its economy, with repairing and restoring the correct operation of its institutions, let alone at international scale. (…) These are the everyday effects of the cohabitation pact, so we actually seem ridiculous when the cursing goes on,” the Senate speaker said. Answering a question, he added that, although he does not want it, he is ready to run in the presidential elections only on behalf of PNL if there will be a strong enough wish within PSD to support its own presidential candidate. Antonescu stressed that this possibility would be a personal failure, as Online Casino well as one of Victor Ponta and USL. However, the liberal leader knows what he should do, even in this perspective, he added.
Modifying the Constitution, postponed
Antonescu announced that modifying the Constitution is a project that was postponed for the time being, because this is what the Constitutional Court decided, although it did not have a legal basis. He added that CC faked the result of the 2012 referendum, when it took into consideration a quorum mentioned by the law for the election of the president, instead of using the quorum stipulated by the referendum law. Antonescu add that he still considers as correct and right what has been decided by USL in 2012, in a partnership, on suspending the president and he did not say subsequently, “like others did,” that it was a mistake. The leader of PNL explained that he sticks to his partnerships and gets involved in them with enthusiasm, mentioning that when the liberals supported Ponta for the office of premier they did not say “we support him for now,” but “we support him for good.” “I expect reciprocity in big things,” he added. Asked if he is “slightly” disappointed with the kind of reciprocity he receives, the PNL leader answered that he is “more than slightly disappointed.” Ponta did not want to comment Antonescu’s statements, only saying that the government does its job, while others voice criticism. However, USL goes on, he added.
CSM, compared to a sect
Crin Antonescu compares the Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM), a body that should independently lead the judiciary, with a “sect,” adding that USL “no longer existed after elections” in relation to this matter, but also that the alliance was not made for Valeriu Zgonea “to make Remus Cernea wear a shirt.” “I believe that the minister of Justice, the president should not dictate to CSM, but if we really made justice independent and CSM leads these institutions, supervises the judiciary inspection, the observance of procedures, or rules… one should ask them about it,” Antonescu said, referring to the activity of institutions in charge with criminal investigations.

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