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December 7, 2021

PM Ponta, Parliaments speakers call for shorter parliamentary recess

Deputies’ Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea said yesterday he supports the initiative according to which the MPs should be in their summer parliamentary recess only in August, also adding that this initiative is also endorsed by USL co-chairmen Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu. Zgonea stated that he agrees that the Romanian Parliament should have the same period of recess as the other European national parliaments. “The evolution of the society forces us to do so. We have hundreds of draft laws and July is a very busy month both at the European Parliament and the European Commission. Most of the national parliaments carry out their duties in July, we also have to adapt,” Mediafax quoted Valeriu Zgonea as saying. He also said that unfortunately, this bill is being blocked by the provisions of the current Constitution, meaning that first of all Romania’s Constitution has to be amended in order for this draft law to become a reality. “Being less experienced and not taking into account the evolution of the society at the time when we drew up the Constitution, we wrote when a recess begins and ends. As a result, we must close the parliamentary session at the end of June, and all the meetings held after June 30 are extraordinary sessions,” according to Zgonea.
In his turn, PNL deputy Alina Gorghiu said the length of the parliamentary recess is irrelevant, as long as the MPs are doing their job. “I highly doubt that a shorter recess would turn the activity of either chamber more efficient. I don’t mind having a shorter recess, but I don’t think this measure would turn the Parliament’s activity more effective,” Gorghiu said.
PPDD Senator Steliana Miron said she would table an amendment to the Senate’s Regulation Commission in order to cut short the senators’ parliamentary recess. The provision aims for the Senate to be in line with the EP norms. “As regards the winter parliamentary recess, the amendment stipulates that the parliamentary sitting should begin on January 15,” Miron stated. She also said that the amendment will be sent from the Regulation Commission to the Commission for the Constitution’s review in order for the provision to be stipulated in the new Constitution. In his turn, PSD senator Toni Grebla, vice president of the Senate Judicial Commission, said the initiative is welcome and also unanimously accepted.

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