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May 12, 2021

Debates on Rosia Montana at a standstill

MPs within the Commission on Rosia Montana were unable to reach a decision in the first part of yesterday’s debate, regarding when the final vote on the Rosia Montana bill would take place, because each proposal was met with a tie vote. “A schedule was not voted on. One of today’s proposals was to finalize the debate today and give the final vote at a subsequently announced time and date; Monday at noon was the proposed date to ensure maximum presence. It did not go through because the votes were 9 to 9, failing to meet the majority. Another proposal was to debate the issue and vote for each paragraph in particular, which would have breached yesterday’s proposal, and leave aside already agreed-upon aspects, moving on to the remaining items that should be submitted to the final vote. This proposal also did not go through due to 9 to votes,” Darius Valcov, Commission Chairman, explained, as cited by Mediafax. He said the MPs in the commission have not set a date for the final vote.
Debates over this project were marked by disputes and the harsh exchanges in the meeting room were continued before reporters in the halls between PSD and PNL representatives. “We’ve taken a break to devise a more rapid work method, to find a formula and not stop at every comma or period,” PNL deputy Mircea Dolha told reporters in the hallway. He was interrupted by PSD senator Gabriela Firea, who had left the commission’s meeting room and warned Dolha about misinforming the press. “Mr. Deputy, we are not stopping at every comma. I believe the debate is important and entire paragraphs, not merely commas, have been modified. The content was significantly modified, not the commas. We want to fulfill the duty entrusted to us in the plenum. We don’t want to visualize, like you have. We want a debate, not mere visualization,” Firea said. She told the press PSD wants to debate every chapter, while everyone else only wishes to “visualize” the text.
The meeting regarding the Parliamentary Commission on Rosia Montana was suspended late Wednesday, after PPDD representatives exchanged words in the hallway with Gabriela Firea and decided not to take part in the meeting when the quorum was assessed. “The PPDD are betrayers,” Liberal Mircea Dolha stated.
Cristina Pocora, spokeswoman for PNL and member of the Special Commission on Rosia Montana, said Wednesday that the Liberals’ vote would be in favor of rejecting the government’s bill draft, adding that the forum’s activity would have to be concluded after the bill was rejected. “(…) PNL supports mining activities in Romania, but only those that are performed in accordance with the European and Romanian legislation, to the benefit of the state and citizens of Romania,” Pocora said. Last night, PM Ponta had an emergency meeting with Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu to find a common ground over the Bill.

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