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May 22, 2022

President unhappy with the outcome of negotiations with IMF & WB

The President said that the negotiations have been “of poor quality” and they give the economy no chance.

President Basescu said he wants to send a signal, pointing out he came into possession of the draft letter resulting from the negotiations held between the Romanian Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “The negotiations will make those who will receive a smattering of money to lose more than they get due to price rises, but the worst is that the measures the Cabinet has committed to are not clearly defined in the letter, are open to arbitrary interpretation and they will certainly hamper Romania’s economic growth,” Mediafax quoted the president as saying. According to Basescu, the 1-2 per cent increases “seem more like stagnation than growth,” and this year’s rise “is a result of the agriculture, not the economy.”
Basescu attacks PM for ICE Danube, audio-visual institutions
On the other hand, Basescu said that Prime Minister Victor Ponta did not agree at the meeting Romania’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) held on October 1 with the declassifying of the last part of ICE Danube archives, but as a result of a procedure initiated subsequently, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) will submit the documents in question to the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS). In addition, the president warned that “some people are trying to have a monopoly on audio-visual institutions”, the Romanian Television included, also adding that he reached this conclusions due to two normative acts promoted by the Government: the emergency ordinance on insolvency and amending the law governing the Romanian Television Society and the Romanian Radio Society.
PM Ponta: Basescu is lying
PM Ponta had an immediate response. The head of Government dismissed Basescu’s allegations as regards TVR as “nonsense”, adding that the President “does not understand” what he has previously explained, or “he is lying” and he tries “to catch flies with tycoons” how he would have done in 2009: “ (…)  We made a little amendment to the TVR law in order to enable TVR Romania to broadcast once again in the Republic of Moldova.” Victor Ponta says the President is lying also when it comes to his statements on the declassifying of the last part of the ICE Danube archives. When asked why he has rejected CSAT’s decision to declassify this archive, Ponta said: “Because this topic was not on the meeting’s agenda. Mr. President should tell you the truth.”
As regards the resumption of the negotiations with the IMF, PM Ponta said he knows the manner in which Basescu held negotiations with this institution in 2010, when “he raised the VAT by 5 per cent and he cut the wages and pensions”, stressing that he prefers to dispense with the President’s experience in this type of negotiations.
President dreams of becoming farmer…
On the other hand, Traian Basescu said he convinced his eldest daughter Ioana to buy a land of 290 hectares, because he wants to become a farmer, and also because she was the only one eligible for a mortgage. Before this statement, Ioana Basescu said in a release to the press that she bought an agricultural land of 290.41 hectares in the county of Calarasi in September, by taking out a 30 year mortgage worth over one million euros and paying about 280,000 euros from her own money.

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