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May 16, 2021

Heinzmann will stay at Tarom for the sake of public image, Dan Pascariu says

The Ministry of Transportation (MT) has agreed with Christian Heinzmann, current General Manager of Tarom, that he should continue to run the company for the sake of public image, Dan Pascariu, former Board of Directors Chairman, stated in an interview for Bursa newspaper. He said that MT representatives are aware of Heinzmann’s “shortcomings.” According to Pascariu, ambassadors of The Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain in Romania have met with former members of the Board of Directors (CA) of Tarom and pressured them into extending Christian Heinzmann’s term. According to recently revelead information, the three embassies also pressured the MT representatives for the same purpose.
The former chairman claims Ramona Manescu, the Minister of Transportation, should clarify all these issues, adding that despite his request for meeting with other former Board members, she has not given a response. “I cannot help but wonder where Mrs. Minister gets her information from when she refuses to talk with direct MT representatives in the Board, who know best about the company’s problems, the strategy implementation progress, measures to be taken, the company’s existing competences, necessary support from the majority shareholder, etc. and I can only deduce that she is simply not interested in the directors’ opinion because her aim was set from the beginning: to keep Heinzmann, with or without the directors,” Pascariu said.
He also emphasized another Ministry of Transportation representative was present at the Board meeting of October 29, who allegedly tried to convince the Minister of Transportation to extend Mr. Heinzmann’s term. “The answer was that all members of MT, together with Mrs. Minister, are aware about Mr. Heinzmann’s shortcomings, but it was presumably agreed that he should stay for the sake of public image and do nothing, as his tasks would be accomplished by two executives to be appointed by MT.”
The former Board of Directors Chairman believes Heinzmann wants to keep his position by any means necessary, even though in September he stated that working in Romania is more complicated than working in Albany or Bangladesh because no one would offer him the same wage for his proven abilities.

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