PDL attempt to file censure motion fails

The ruling power and opposition representatives had disputes yesterday in Parliament after the latter tried to file a new simple motion against the Ponta Government but the motion was rejected. Mircea Toader, the leader of PDL’s Lower Chamber MPs, announced within the Lower Chamber that the Parliamentary groups of PDL and PPDD filed the simple motion dubbed “Taxation all the way through, USL wants your poor.” Shortly after that announcement, Lower Chamber Vice President Viorel Hrebenciuc (PSD) stated, as chairman of the meeting, that he decided not to take the simple motion into consideration because the budget law has not reached Parliament yet. “A motion was filed against a law that does not exist in Parliament,” Hrebenciuc stated, being quoted by Mediafax. The Democrat-Liberals’ reply was not late in coming. Thus, Mircea Toader pointed out that PDL filed the motion specifically in order for the ruling power not to come up with a wrong budget.
PDL Vice President Ioan Oltean claims that the rejection of a debate on PDL’s simple motion on the budget issue represents “abusive behavior” on behalf of the Lower Chamber’s leadership because it prevents the opposition from expressing a point of view. He pointed out that PDL will try to file the motion again next week. “The Permanent Bureau abusively rejected the PDL motion, claiming that we asked for the withdrawal of the draft budget and its amending and they considered we asked for this draft to be withdrawn from Parliament. It’s an abusive, erroneous interpretation that falls out of line with the Lower Chamber’s Regulations,” Oltean stated at a press conference. He pointed out that with this simple motion PDL sought for the draft budget to be filed in Parliament in a form that PDL would accept too and to signal the mistakes in it in order for them to be corrected before the draft is filed in Parliament. In her turn, PDL Vice President Raluca Turcan stated that the rejection of a debate on the motion represents USL’s pretext for “sweeping under the rug” the trash generated at this moment.

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