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September 30, 2022

Right-wing, reluctant to support Antonescu’s presidential bid

The representatives of right-wing parties do not seem at all thrilled with the President’s idea that Crin Antonescu could be backed by the whole right wing in the Presidential runoff.
PDL Vice President Ioan Oltean stated yesterday that the Democrat-Liberals are starting off from the premise that the PDL representative will be the right wing’s presidential candidate, but in case the runoff pits a right-wing candidate against a left-wing candidate then the PDL would back the right-wing one. “Obviously, if by any chance, any miracle, we were to relive the year 2000 moment, PDL will choose and back the right-wing candidate. We will not be able to back a left-wing candidate in a situation in which he is running against a right-wing one,” Oltean pointed out. However, he added that “at this moment Crin Antonescu is not a right-wing man, he is a left-wing man and will not be able to be a right-wing man in the future either.” His party colleague, PDL Vice President Raluca Turcan, was more vehement. She stated that she would rather “cut off an arm” than vote for Crin Antonescu in the Presidential elections, pointing out that he is “backward and anti-European,” and that PNL and PSD are equally guilty for Romania’s impoverishment.
PNTCD also pointed out that it will never back the presidential bid of “toxic characters such as Crin Antonescu,” claiming that the PNL President is “one of the biggest enemies of the rule of law in Romania.” “We appreciate that the unification of the right wing has to be done for Romanians, and not in order to satisfy the personal ambitions of some politicians that dream themselves presidents or the interests of gangs from political parties,” a PNTCD communiqué reads.
Civic Force President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu stated told Mediafax that the Romanian right-wing will make sure Crin Antonescu does not enter the presidential runoff. “Whether USL breaks-up or not, either way the right-wing has to give Romania a president, other than Crin Antonescu. PNL is not currently a right-wing party,” Ungureanu sai

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