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January 27, 2022

‘Guarantees for Youths’ plan discussed in Paris

The Romanian government has undertaken to send the “Plan to Implement the Guarantees for Youths Scheme” by the end of 2013, President Traian Basescu announced Tuesday in Paris, after taking part in the International Conference on Youth Employment upon request by French President Francois Hollande, according to a Presidency press release issued early Monday. The Head of State explained the ‘Guarantees for Youths’ scheme will primarily lead to an increase in the number of internships for youths. “It’s a good temporary measure because internships are preferable to unemployment, but on the long term, we need high-quality jobs. Therefore, we need actual policies aimed at raising the employment rate, stimulating private companies to generate new jobs, and encouraging youths to start their own business,” President Basescu said. Romania has had positive experiences in implementing wage subsidy schemes for employers, he continued, which stimulated employment among youths. “Our objective is to expand these employer subsidies and we believe it is important for these schemes to be eligible for EIB and ESF (European Social Fund) funding,” the President concluded.

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