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May 17, 2022

PSD wants legislative committee for Ioana Basescu’s plot of land

PNL agrees to form the committee.

Premier Victor Ponta announced yesterday, after a meeting with the parliamentary groups of PSD, that the party will demand the forming of a committee that will look into the suspect retrocessions. The Parliament inquiry will target the purchase of a land by the eldest daughter of the president, Ioana Basescu, in the County of Calarasi and the involvement of state institutions in this case, Ponta announced. The decision comes after, Monday evening, Antena 3 unveiled a document about prosecutor Lucian Papici having verified the lands due to be bought by the president’s daughter. “The colleagues of the Law Committee proposed and discussed about a committee that will investigate how state institutions and persons holding official positions became involved in private activities of verification in view of land acquisitions made by private persons,” Ponta said in the Parliament.
Asked whether the future committee will also inquire into the acquisition by President Traian Basescu’s daughter Ioana of a plot of land in Nana, Calarasi County, about which Chairman of the National Property Returning Authority (ANRP) George Baesu was informed, Ponta answered in the positive.
‘I did not know back then; I have only learned about it recently, after the scandal broke out about this highly dubious instance in which with 300,000 euros cash and a loan no common people will ever receive from CEC. All people involved in this instance have to provide details because it is about huge amounts of money and it involves the country’s president as well,’ Ponta said according to Agerpres.
He added that Parliament will exercise its constitutional right on this instance.
‘He did not have to explain it to me, but when there is a parliamentary inquiry committee, all governmental institutions will surely make available all their information and data and if it is proved that one magistrate or one prosecutor used his or her public office for private interests, there will be legal consequences. Parliament has a right, under the Constitution, to set up inquiry committees in some instances. The committee will not inquire into the actions of a prosecutor, but into the way in which certain plots of land were returned, verified and purchased. This is Parliament’s right’, said Ponta.
PNL president Crin Antonescu agrees with the idea of forming the inquiry committee. “I totally agree (…) We will discuss, but the idea seems absolutely correct to me. I have always said that, without having the quality of a court, the Parliament may discuss things that are suspect without being law infringements, in the functioning of institutions,” the PNL leader mentioned. On the other side of the barricade, the presidential aide in charge with economic and social policies, Adrian Radulescu, told Mediafax that he was stupefied by the “decision” regarding the committee that will inquiry about the land purchase, which is “a transaction between individual persons.”
The press recently reported that the eldest daughter of President Basescu, Ioana, bought over 300 hectares of land in the vicinity of Nana, Calarasi County, after she received counselling from presidential aide Adrian Radulescu. President Traian Basescu said Friday that he convinced his daughter Ioana to buy 290 hectares of land, because he wants to be a farmer, and added that, in his family, only his eldest daughter was eligible to receive a mortgage loan.
Victor Ponta explained that the other committee proposed to be set up by PSD lawmakers refers to how the retrocessions were made, especially in Transylvania. “In that region (Transylvania), based on forged documents and misinterpretations of various laws, things got as far as whole villages being retroceded, let alone thousands of hectares of land and forest. The Parliament is entitled, and has the constitutional right to form a probing committee and a report that will allow the government and justice to take measures,” the premier explained.

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