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December 7, 2022

Some 10 pc of Romanians want to become business owners

One in five Romanians is of the opinion the current economic situation is propitious for starting a new business, a study conducted by Novel Research between October 9 and 21 on a sample base of 1,012 respondents and commissioned by Provident Financial Romania shows. 35.8 percent of business owners believe current economic conditions in Romania are favorable for starting a new business, while only 16.5 percent of non-business owners share this belief. The study also revealed that 10.4 percent of respondents plan to start a business in the coming year and 2.4 percent have already taken the necessary steps in this respect. Over one fourth of respondents are also interested and prepared to become business owners, but they do not think it can be achievable within the year. Approximately 37 percent of respondents have had business experience, but only 12.2 percent of them are currently active in the field. Four in ten Romanians plan to become business owners in the near future and almost half (47.5 percent) of them would choose to work as sole registered traders, approximately 32 percent would opt for LLC, and only 0.8 percent are considering starting a joint-stock company.

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