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January 21, 2022

Antonescu makes clear USL can have two presidential runners only if it splits

According to certain members of PDL, Miscarea Populara ponders to accepting Antonescu as president.

Reacting to a statement made by his alliance partner, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, in which he did not rule out the possibility of two USL candidates at next year’s presidential elections, PNL chairman Crin Antonescu said USL cannot have two presidential candidates because, if that were the case, the alliance between PSD and PNL could no longer exist. He was asked what his opinion was regarding Victor Ponta’s interpretation of President Basescu’s statements as indicative of fear that USL could have two presidential candidates – one member of PSD and one member of PNL. “In theory, PSD and PNL could have one candidate each (editor’s note – for the presidency), but if that were the case, USL would be no more. USL cannot have two candidates. (…) It is very clearly stated both in the political agreement and political logic that an alliance can only have one candidate. There could be two candidates who are former members of USL, but not two candidates who are currently and legally part of USL,” the PNL leader replied, as cited by Mediafax.
On Monday, President Traian Basescu said if PSD splits from PNL, it could no longer appoint one of its members as president candidate, adding that a right-wing candidate, Crin Antonescu included, will have the right’s support in the runoff and is, in fact, preferable to “a plagiarist.” The President’s statement was reinforced by Elena Udrea, his former Counselor and currently PDL deputy, who emphasized if the two presidential candidates for 2014 ended up being Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu, she would vote for the latter. “I will vote for the right-wing candidate, even though PNL’s behaviour at the moment could not be characterized as right-wing, and even though it could be said Crin Antonescu concocted USL and had a hand in suspending the president. Of course (editor’s note – I would vote for Crin Antonescu)! I will vote for the right’s candidate. Still, there is the possibility that Crin Antonescu will not be a candidate, if we unify the right. It isn’t out of the question (for Traian Basescu to support Crin Antonescu at the 2014 presidential elections),” Elena Udrea said at “Jocuri de putere” (Power Games) TV show on Realitatea TV.
Lazaroiu: Miscarea Populara’s objective is to make Basescu prime minister
On the other hand, Sebastian Lazaroiu, Counsellor to the President and founding member of Miscarea Populara, has proposed a new scenario, according to which one of the objectives of the newly founded Miscarea Populara Party (People’s Movement Party) would be to make President Traian Basescu the future prime minister, obiectiv-online.ro notes, as cited by Hotnews.
When asked how Basescu could become prime minister in this parliamentary term, given that provisions under the future Constitution stipulate the majority party or parliamentary majority-holder political alliance appoints the prime minister, Lazaroiu said parliamentary majorities will regroup after the presidential elections, and the new right-wing president will appoint Basescu as prime minister, but he did not comment on the constitutional amendments necessary for this to happen. “If PSD and PNL take part in the presidential elections separately, and the right has one candidate in the runoff agreed upon between PNL and PMP, and if he wins, parliamentary majority will change and the new president will appoint a new prime minister,” Sebastian Lazaroiu stated.

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