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May 9, 2021

EUR 1.5 bln necessary to convert Gara de Nord into a transit train station

The process of converting Gara de Nord from terminus into a transit train station would require over EUR 1.5 billion in European funds, and all railway lines would have to be covered to allow a much better use of surface space, George Micu, General Manager of Railway National Company CFR SA, stated Saturday at the opening of the Official Taxi Station at Gara de Nord, HotNews.ro informs. “At the moment, a major modernization project for Gara de Nordian related to its conversion from terminus into transit station is being discussed. We are currently conducting a feasibility study together with a Belgian company (…),” George Micu continued. He estimates the travel speed of trains could rise significantly over the next 10 years, but only if constant investments are made toward modernizing the railway system. “In the last 20 years, railway investments have been much lower than necessary. When the modernization is completed, trains could reach 160 km/h on European corridors and 70 to 80 km/h on other routes,” the General Manager of CFR SA concluded.
Layoffs at CFR are not imminent
On a slight change of topic, Micu stated the company is not considering layoffs at the moment. “Our concern at the moment is not layoffs, but finding solutions to keep current jobs. This is a very specialized sector and employees who would be laid off would have a difficult time finding another workplace. In any case, if redundancies are to be made, we will try to find solutions to ensure these employees have a workplace afterward,” the General Manager pointed out. Ramona Manescu, Minister of Transport, stated recently if ministry-owned companies decide to make redundancies, such plans will be discussed with labor unions beforehand, but she underlined the top priorities at present are the 2104 budget and company development strategies.
EUR 50,000 for Official Taxi Station at Gara de Nord
SC Meridian Taxi SRL will put up a total investment of EUR 50,000 for the Official Taxi Station at Gara de Nord, which offers travelers the possibility to order taxis for free with the help of four touchscreen devices, Lucian Marin, company CEO, stated. “The initial investment for building the station is EUR 30,000, but the overall amount will be EUR 50,000. At the moment, we cover 40 percent of the market with two taxi companies that are authorized to pick up travelers at Gara de Nord. (…) All companies are invited to join this project and fees are at current market levels, without added costs,” Lucian Marin said further. He pointed out the taxis can be ordered within a 3-kilometer-radius in the vicinity of Gara de Nord in six available languages. Upon finalizing the order, the applicant is given a receipt that includes a telephone number for notifications.
President Traian Basescu signs decree concerning CFR Marfa
President Traian Basescu on Friday signed the decree for the promulgation of the law on the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance No 61/2013 for the regulation of some fiscal-financial measures. It refers to CFR Marfa and the purpose of this law is the economic-financial balance of the company for increasing its attractiveness in the privatisation procedure. The Government on November 6 approved through Government Resolution the revised revenue and expenditure budget for 2013 for SNTFM CFR Marfa SA, the Government’s Press Office points out.

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