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January 23, 2022

Top 300 Capital: Ioan Niculae, the richest Romanian

According to the 13th edition of Capital magazine, the fortunes of the 300 richest Romanians combined are worth EUR 21.5 billion, EUR 5 billion lower than in 2012 and EUR 8 billion lowe than in 2011. One significant change in the ranking is the first place position, which is occupied by Ioan Niculae this year, making him the richest Romanian in the 13th edition of Top 300. His fortune is estimated at EUR 1.7 billion. In fact, he is the only Romanian who managed to maintain his asset value over the EUR 1 billion threshold, according to capital.ro. Other names included in the ranking are Dan Adamescu, with EUR 900 million, and Ion Tiriac, with EUR 800 million to EUR 850 million. Decrease in cumulated asset values is also visible at a local level. The largest decrease per millionaire occurred in Bucharest, where the average is EUR 25 million compared to EUR 19 million in rural areas. The smallest millionaire fortunes were reported in Calarasi, Suceva, Botosani, and Giurgiu. Similarly, the construction sector – including infrastructure, real estate, cars, retail, etc. – experienced smaller turnovers and profits. The only areas marked by growth in this respect were agriculture (especially grain trading) and health, including private medical services and drug distribution and production.

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