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January 17, 2022

Liberals break alliance with Conservatives

“The Centre Right Alliance with PC no longer exists. The talks always took place with PSD, the PC President is only Mr. Ponta’s subordinate,” the Liberals’ leader said.
PNL President Crin Antonescu announced yesterday the cancellation of the partnership with the Conservative Party, following a verbal dispute with the Conservative Party’s founding leader Dan Voiculescu over the weekend. “There is nothing to talk about the relationship with PC because this relationship no longer exists (…) and has no longer existed for a long time, which does not mean that we want to cause some kind of disturbance within USL. (…) The relationship with PC no longer exists in the sense of an ACD alliance (the Centre Right Alliance set up by PNL and PC in 2011),” Antonescu told a press conference. “We will have to see what the consequences are from a juridical point of view (…). Nobody wants to go to court now, but had there been no juridical document of course this would have been a solution as hygienic as possible for the situation,” the PNL President added. According to Antonescu, the relationship with PC had been maintained by PC President Daniel Constantin, not by Dan Voiculescu. “Dan Voiculescu was a fairly rare presence, he attended two or three USL meetings in recent years, the de facto and de jure relations were with Mr. Daniel Constantin. (…) We did not have a special channel of communications within ACD, from our point of view the talks always took place with PSD. The PC President is only Mr. Ponta’s subordinate and so it is normal to talk with PC.”
Reacting to PNL’s sudden break-up with his party, Daniel Constantin told Mediafax that Antonescu’s strategy is ‘profoundly wrong’ and that he wants to see the PNL President “coming out of the spiral of confrontation and treating the Conservative Party with the respect owed to a partner.” “We are all making efforts to understand Crin Antonescu. Unfortunately, we have seen lately only attacks against his partners: we’ve seen Mr. Ponta is the boss, I am a subordinate, Mr. Voiculescu is outrageous, but I haven’t seen any attack on President Basescu”, Constantin added. He said PC doesn’t want to assume USL breaking up by denouncing ACD protocol. “If Mr. Antonescu wants that, he is welcome to do it”, said Constantin.

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