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September 25, 2021

New Committee strictly for the Calarasi case

Premier Victor Ponta also announced yesterday that he discussed with the leaders of parliamentary groups the creation of a committee that will look into the ‘Calarasi case,’ because the panel already decided by the Senate has another mission, respectively the analysis of the operations conducted by CEC Bank. “This is a different provision of the regulation, it is only in the Senate, only at the Budget-Finance Committee and has as object only one problem: the observance of laws by CEC – a bank with 100 pc state capital,” Ponta mentioned. “I was told by the group leaders of PSD, PNL and PC that they are working to form a joint committee. (…) The group leaders want to propose a committee of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate that will probe the activity of all those persons employed by public institutions, in relation to the Calarasi deal,” Ponta added.
The premier explained that the Galati County prefect was arrested for making a call to prevent the replacement of someone from office, while the head of the state can do something similar without having to answer for it. “The president of the country made a phone call to prevent the replacement of someone from office and nothing happens to him. Justice must be equal for everybody, not favour some and punish others,” Ponta added.
Despite PNL MPs said they didn’t know anything about this new committee, Ponta explained he had a phone conversation with Crin Antonescu and the Liberal leader agreed on the committee setting up.

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