Digital butterfly exhibition opens at Antipa Museum

Samsung Electronics Romania in partnership with the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History launches the first permanent digital butterfly exhibition enabling visitors’ access to a unique selection of rare-sighted and appealing butterflies. Samsung Romania made available eight GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets, six 55-inch smart TVs, one 65-inch smart TV and one 40-inch smart TV to the Antipa Museum. The collection includes 32 rare-sighted butterflies from the Philippine Archipelago, southern Asia or Colombia. The displaying method enables visitors to notice details not visible to the naked eye. In addition, the permanent exhibition includes accompanying printed material, as well as an interactive area where those interested are provided with the opportunity to create their own butterflies. Subsequently, they can send the picture as an email attachment to print it on various items, i.e. badges, umbrelas, T-shirts etc.
Some of the rare-sighted species displayed at the museum is „Papilio elwesi Leech Specie”, endemic to some hardly-accessible mountainous regions in southern and south-western China, and „Lamproptera meges Zinken-Sommer”, a day-flying species endemic to south-eastern Asia, from north-eastern India to southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodgia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
In addition, an augmented reality framework, where visitors have the chance to find out more about the dinosaur world, has been set up in the palaeontology hall.

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